It’s finally here…

YES, college football is back.  This just about sums it up for me.

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Best of the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest…

Are you kidding me, BABY!!!! Dwight Howard rules the rim!!!

Thirty-five days and counting…


So my close friend, Kirk Herbstreit, said last night on the BCS selection show, “The table has been set”. The Tressel dynasty continues. THE Ohio State University Buckeyes are back in the national championship game this year. I personally think that the BCS committee got it right. LSU deserves the shot and OSU definitely should be there. The problem with this game is two fold. First, LSU is basically playing a home game for the national championship. Second, OSU is 0-8 versus SEC teams in bowl games. Not a great record. After last year’s embarrassment, let’s see if OSU can get it done this year. This Buckeye fan knows they can.

Parting thought: Yes, 32 bowl games is about 20 too many in my book. Check out this site to see how ranked the match ups.

Justin on michigan…

osu.jpgSo we are at a soccer tournament last weekend.  At the tournament, there was a booth selling soccer training aides.  We bought the boys a training aide that is basically a full size soccer ball attached to an elastic cord.  The cord wraps around your waist and you kick the soccer ball and it comes back to you.  Anyway, the boys were picking out the soccer balls they wanted.  Derek picked out a black and red one and Justin picked out a blue and yellow one.  Hmmm…

Last night at dinner, we were talking about these training aides we purchased for the boys.  Derek liked his because it was Ohio State colors (not scarlet and gray, but close enough).  Justin liked his because it was michigan colors.  I asked him why he liked michigan.  His response was, “I don’t like michigan, but every time I kick it, I kick michigan’s bottom!!”

Great view, Justin!!

I cannot be quiet anymore…

This Saturday will mark a major milestone.  This Saturday will mark the one week anniversary of michigan’s loss to Appalachian State.  I’m so taken I might shed a tear…yeah, right!

A friend came across the following article and I need to share it.  Finally,  Lloyd Carr is seeing himself and his team for who they really are.  Enjoy the read:

Michigan To Schedule Pee Wee Team For Next Year’s Season Opener

ANN ARBOR—In the wake of their embarrassing loss to Division 1-AA Appalachian State, Michigan has announced they will play the Barton Hills Blue Birds of the Ann Arbor-area under 10 youth division in next year’s season opener.

Appalachian State, of the Football Championship Subdivision (formerly called Division 1-AA), beat the fifth ranked Wolverines despite the fact that Michigan had virtually all their starters returning on offense and were expected to compete for Big Ten and national titles this year.
“Sure, the media thought we were good,” said a dejected Lloyd Carr.  “But I see us practice everyday.  I knew how bad we really were.  That’s why we tried to schedule as lightly as possible.  “But still I really believed a Division 1-AA team would be horrible enough for even us to beat.  We have 24 more scholarships, millions more dollars, better players, better coaches, and a crowd of over 110,000 loyal fans behind us.  “However, I underestimated three major things: the heart of Appalachian St, the level of talent in Division 1-AA, and exactly how bad the University of Michigan really is.”

Carr was clearly upset but said he would use the loss as a lesson:
“The egos of our players are very fragile right now.  Next year we’re hoping to gain confidence by starting the season by beating up on a bunch of 9 year old kids and then building up to Division 1-AA football.”
A reporter suggested they perhaps start with a Division III team as opposed to a team half their age, a quarter their size, and more concerned with where they’re going to get pizza after the game than winning.
Carr responded, “We’re not taking any chances.  Frankly, I think a team like Mt. Union would have beaten us by 3 touchdowns.”  And that’s why Carr has chosen the Blue Birds.  “We’ve already done the research.  They’re the worst Pee Wee football team in the area, they didn’t complete a single pass last year, and their leading rusher is a girl.  So I’m fairly certain we can take them.  “But we’re not going to show any mercy.  Being a Wolverine means always giving your best effort, regardless of whether you’re tackling a Heisman winner in the Rose Bowl or tackling a 9 year old girl.”
But this was the last season opener for several seniors and they seemed saddened that they blew their last shot.  “I’ve lost to Ohio State every year, but this is the one that really stings,” said running back Michael Hart.  “I wish I could come back for another year just to play in the season opener.  I really want to redeem myself.  It’d feel good to beat those little kids.”

But redemption may come soon for Hart and the Wolverines.  Their opponent in two weeks will be a definite downgrade from Division 1-AA when they face the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

 DISCLAIMER: This is not a real article and is only intended to poke fun at michigan.  No actual wolverines were harmed in the writing of this article.

The mighty As go down…

as-lose.jpgWell, I read my friend, Aaron’s post on the Mighty Marlins, Tuesday. His boy’s team went down in the first round of the Hilliard Baseball Association tournament. Well, I consoled him by letting him know that the Hilliard As would be continuing their march toward a championship. After playing some fantastic baseball the last few games, we were ready for round one of the tournament. However, our opponents, the Padres, were a little more ready then we were. They basically run-ruled us in the first inning, but we need to complete three innings for the run rule to take affect. SO, the As go down hard in the first round and it is lights out, season over.

Great job, Derek!!

Well, he made it. We got the e-mail this morning. Derek has made the Hilliard FC soccer team for 8 and 9 year old boys. He will be playing for the white team and he is very excited. So the adventure begins. Practice starts in August with games beginning in September.

Great job, Derek!! We are proud of you!