Aaron is a S.L.O.B.

Yep, my buddy, Aaron, over at Arms Wide Open is a S.L.O.B.

Check out what I mean by clicking here.

Congrats, Aaron!!


Around the horn…

So, as we start 2008, I thought I would see what is going on with some other bloggers. So let’s go around the horn:

Rindy opened the year with a Fracture review.

MudPuppy’s son is shakin’ it.

Susan is showing a passion for His presence.


Tyler Alfriend got to go home for a few days!!

Check on Tyler…

“Tyler Alfriend was a energetic, athletic, healthy 15 year old boy who was diagnosed with stage IV Burkitt’s Lymphoma on November 14, 2007. This site is for all his friends and family who love Tyler and are praying for him. This blog is for those who wish to send him messages as we look forward to the great day he comes home healthy and cancer free. Please feel free to post any sports comments (Tyler knows more than all of us), jokes, thoughts, and prayers.”

The above is the opening of Tyler Alfriend’s blog, written by Kyle, Tyler’s father. You need to hit Tyler’s blog. This young man is battling hard against this disease (cancer), that I am learning is an equal opportunity abuser. It takes on many forms and strikes at any age.

I am again faced with the question, why. Why has this talented, athletic young man walking through this? Tyler, we are walking beside you in prayer. I hope to meet you in the next few days, as I am back to work now at Children’s. Team Tyler is going strong and we are behind you all the way to CURE DAY!!!

You can check out what is happening with Tyler at http://tyleralfriend.blogspot.com/. Go check it out and let Tyler know that we are supporting him and let him know and feel the power of prayer!!

Rock on, Tyler!

Blog of the Month –> Spotlight is on…

It’s a week into September now and I have not posted my Blog of the Month. So, I am kinda feeling bad for my buds up in michigan. Let’s face it, their football season is basically over after the loss in the home opener. Anyway, that is not really why I am doing back to back Blog of the Month in michigan. It is because my friend Jason, aka the Man of Steel, is a really neat guy. He is a creative genius and is really tied into the music scene. He also happens to be one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the topic of Superman.

You can read what Jason is all about here. As you can see, he is quite a guy and I appreciate his friendship inside of this blogsphere. I hope I have the honor of meeting him face to face one day.

So, Jason, congrats on being this month’s spotlighted blog!

Post on, my friend!

Blog of the Month –> Spotlight is on…

This months Blog of the Month is from that state up north. Those of you from Ohio understand what I am talking about. I know it is hard to grasp, but there is some good in michigan. Anyway, this month’s spotlight blog is The Original Mud Puppy by Russell Hawkins. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

The Original Mud Puppy is a 31 year old Christ follower, husband, father, son, brother, uncle & friend. He designs for a living, and for fun. He loves books, music, movies & technology. Two creeds that he lives by: Stop Existing and Start Living & Love Wins.

Mud is a great writer and shares his views on so many random things, I cannot keep up with him. His ongoing webisode series, Mud & Steel, with fellow blogger Jason (sorry no link, this post is for Mud!) is quite funny. So check out Russell, THE Original Mud Puppy. He will make you day a better one.

Post on, Mud!!

Blog of the Month –> Spotlight is on…

First, I would like to say farewell to my first Blog of the Month author, John Demarco. John is backing out of blogging for awhile and focusing his efforts on some other great things. You can read the announcement on his blog here. John, we will miss you and will pray for you as you embark on a new journey.

This month’s featured blog is “Arms Wide Open” authored by Aaron Conrad. Aaron is a great friend and a stand up Christian man. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

This blog is to provide my insights as a husband, father and follower of Christ. It is my hope that in each category, I am as quick to point out my failures as I am the successes. Especially when it comes to faith. What you will find here are my random thoughts and inspirations. Much of these posts come from watching the lives of my children, the music around us, scripture and the world as I see it.

Aaron is also the brainchild behind ac180.com. Aaron’s blog posts are fun, thought provoking, and inspiring. He is a gifted writer and through his posts, you can see the love he has for God and his family. He often throws in music lyrics to his some of posts and I still don’t know how he remembers all those lyrics!! He is also a HUGE child of the 80’s and you must check out his “Wisdom from the 80’s” series.

Swing by his site often and enjoy! Blog on, Aaron!

Rated G…

I will be honest, I stole this post from my blogging friend, John, who host the current blog of the month, Your Lucky Day!. His blog received a family safe rating of “G”, so I thought I would run my blog through the rating system as well.

Online Dating

Yes, a “G” rating!! So read on knowing that this is a positive, family, and kid friendly blog!! If you have a blog, hit the icon above to get your rating.