Forgot to tell you…

Remember this post.  Yep, they’re baaaaack…  I am in day six in my battle with the hiccups again.  This time, I just wish I had the hiccups.  However, there are also, what I am calling spasms, associated with them.  They tighten my chest and take my breath away, and just plain scare me.  In addition, there is much heartburn/reflux this time as well.

I am on meds to combat the hiccups, but like last time, they are not working well or at all.  So, we just deal with them and pray they go away soon.  I don’t mean to complain again, but these things are really a pain to deal with.

PS – I have been posting many updates lately, so I may get back to posting some random things.  So those of you who just check this blog for journey updates, bear with me as I post some not so important items!

Thanks Ike…

A quick update from my phone. We lost power last night around 6pm. Looks like we will not have it restored until Wednesday sometime. This could be an interesting few days, for sure. Wish us luck and pray for those in TX that have really been affected by Ike.

Aaron is a S.L.O.B.

Yep, my buddy, Aaron, over at Arms Wide Open is a S.L.O.B.

Check out what I mean by clicking here.

Congrats, Aaron!!

He is just that good…

I guess the story behind this video is that someone found a glitch in Tiger Woods 2008 by EA sports.  The glitch in the game is that you can hit a golf shot off of water.  Tiger sets the record straight.

RTL Invitational a huge success…

Unbelievable!!  What a day.  The weather was perfect, we had over 100 golfers, and I made it through the entire day!!!

When I pulled into the course and saw everyone there that was supporting me, I was just overwhelmed!  I had friends from college there, co-workers, and friends from church.  I had not seen some of these friends in years. 

I parked myself on a par 3 and watched the groups tee off.  When they got to the green, I helped them putt.  It was a great time.  After the round, we had a great lunch.  I had the opportunity to speak and share my story and thank everyone for coming.  We finished up with a raffle give away that had some great prizes.

What a day.  I was thankful for the support and I am sure everyone had a great time.  I would like to thank my great friend, Jim, who really pulled this day together. Thanks, Jim!!!!


OK, you won’t believe this!!!

From the are you kidding me files.  Guess who I just got off the phone with.  Yep, Jim Tressel himself, head coach of THE Ohio State Buckeye football team!!  Can you believe it?  He is in the middle of two-a-days, getting his number 3 ranked team ready for the season, and he takes time out of his day to call me, of all people.

He found out about me through a good friend of his and he just called my house to talk to me.  He just wanted to let me know that he and the Buckeye football team are behind me in my fight against cancer!  Just nuts! 

Yep that made my day!

Vaction Observations…

I was thinking about some things upon our return.  Here are some things I learned or observed over vacation.

1.  Your feet are attached to your body.  Please remember to put suntan lotion on them, or they will burn and burn very badly.

2.  To my surprise, I have been wrong all these years.  It is not called a grilled cheese sandwich.  It is called a girl cheese sandwich.  I also found out that my little girl will only eat girl cheese sandwiches.  She hates boy cheese sandwiches.

3.  Do not let your child EVER order Superman ice cream.  They will not like it and you will end up eating a $3 scoop of ice cream that you will not like either.  Sorry, Jason.

4.  Ok, I am getting on a soapbox.  Smokers, the world is not your ashtray.  Especially the ocean.  Please do not smoke in the ocean and then flick your cigarette butt into the ocean or on the beach.  Not cool at all.

5.  The Cafe on the Beach, at Manatee County Beach, hands down, has the best corn dogs I have ever had.  I miss eating them already.

6.  If you are from a foreign country, say Sweden, we have clothing etiquette on the beach.  It is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE to let your 8 year old little girl run around without her top on.  They may be acceptable in your country, but not in ours.  When in America, follow our lead, please!!

These are just a few of the things I thought of.  I may post a few more later.  Can’t let them all out of the bag, yet.

Vacation recap…

Well, the Griswolds, I mean Tarapchaks, are back from vacation!!  Let’s see, what comes to mind.  Ah, yes, National Lampoon’s Vacation Part II.  Yes, it was an eventful vacation.  Let me give you a daily highlight list:

Day 1:  We were not in Florida for two hours and I tangled the rental mini van up with a fire hydrant.  The fire hydrant won by inflicting major damage to the driver’s side door.

Day 2:  If you are ever on Anna Maria Island and are traveling the back roads of said Island looking for a seafood restaurant, remember to obey all posted speed limits.  The police will pull you over and ticket you for speeding.

Day 3:  We were across the street visiting some neighbors, when Carley took a tumble off of something over at the house we were staying at.  In my haste to run over to help her, I ran through some wet grass.  When I hit the driveway, I literally hit the driveway.  My wet shoes slipped on the driveway and I went down faster then the Titanic.  At least my elbow broke my fall.  Not damage done, but a sore elbow for a few days.

Let’s see, the score is Vacation 3, Stef 0…

Day 4:  Finally, a day nothing happened to me.  Unfortunately, Carley was not so lucky today.  She took a tumble off the back of the golf cart and scraped herself up pretty good.

Day 5:  There is a major interchange of I-75 and Route 301 about a mile from where we were staying.  Today, an unfortunate accident occurred.  A tanker truck hauling fuel was run off the I-75 bridge and fell to Route 301 below.  The tanker exploded and caused major damage to the bridge above and the bridge is being shut down for weeks as it is being torn down and rebuilt.  You can read the story here.

Day 6-8:  Uneventful, thank heavens.  The only issues we had were caused by the above accident.  It caused our travel times to triple in getting anywhere.

So, we are back.  In spite of the items above, we did enjoy the beach everyday and some good restaurants.  We had a good time with the kids and, let’s face it, we made some memories for sure!! 

WOW, didn’t see this one coming…

Well, what do you say when your surgeon asks you if you want to live or die?  Uh, let me think for a minute, yep, I’ll take life.

Just got back from my surgeon appointment and it didn’t play out like I thought it would.  I have spent the last three to four weeks putting together what I am calling “The Summer of Memories”, only to have them all washed away in an instant.  I had trips planned to Chicago and Boston to see some ball games.  Another trip to Chicago with my wife and daughter.  AAHHHH!!!!  My summer is now called “The Summer of Recovery”.  I am being scheduled to have another surgery in the middle of June.  Although we have been told the cancer is growing slowly, it seems to be growing in many places that my surgeon does not like.  It is surrounding my liver, but not in the liver.  It is growing around my stomach, but not in my stomach.  It is growing in other areas and my surgeon says, let’s go and get it now.

We got rocked again today.  I was thinking I would be having surgery later this year, but the cancer is rearing it’s ugly head again and we need to fight a little harder.  I did not take this well.  I am not happy about this, but like he said, I can chose life or death and I think I like living.

So, we will reschedule the trips and I guess I get to drive Sandi crazy all summer.  Looks like I will save a bunch of money, too, as my golfing habit will be shut down this year.

Anyway, I need some prayer for some mental strength right now.  I knew this was coming, but not so soon.


Gone Fishin’…

Yep, checking out for a few days to go to Florida for a deep sea fishing trip. Check out this crazy itinerary. Fourteen or so guys from my church are leaving for Pensacola, Fl on Thursday, early morning. Get up early on Friday for 10 hours of deep sea fishing. Having dinner that night at a local eatery that will prepare our fresh catch. If we get skunked, there is always a Fish-Fillet at McDonald’s. After dinner, back in the cars to drive home. Getting home about noon on Saturday. Just nuts! I am so psyched for this. I am sure I will have some great stories and pics, so look for an update in a few days. This is on my Bucket List. Well sort of. I cannot take my boys, but one year, I will. Outta here!!!


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