Fun Family Time

I just wanted to post a quick note. Tonight, after all the kids had had a bath or shower, I told them we could have a “family snack time” at the kitchen table. This is not typical for us because I don’t usually eat bedtime snacks with them. Anyway, they were all so excited. So, I put several snack options on the table that they could pick from. Even Justin had several Gluten free options, so he was excited, too. I then asked Derek what he loved about being 9. He said that he loved being 9 becase that is when he got a guinea pig. And I have to say, even though I was not a fan of the guinea pig, she has turned out to be ok. I asked Justin what he loved about being 7. He said that he loves playing soccer and hadn’t realized he was so good until he turned 7. For those of you who know J, that is a comment only he would make, and I’m sure you can hear him say it. Finally, I asked Carley what she loved about being 3. Surprise, surprise….. she loves playing with her baby dolls. After a couple minutes, Justin said, “Mom, you didn’t say what you love about being 36. What have you loved this year while you are 36?” I thought for a minute and then told them that tonight was what I loved about being 36. I loved for the first time in almost 6 months sitting at the table with my kids and being totally engaged and laughing with them. So, I know we’ll still have our “moments” ahead, but tonight there was a bright light shining at our kitchen table. In fact, when we were done, Derek said, “Mom, that was so much fun.” It was bittersweet. How Stef would have loved to sit with us and laugh tonight. And that’s what we all wanted. But I also realized, this little family of 4 is rounding the turn. We’re making it!! Thanks for the words of encouragement along the way and all the prayers for us. We have so needed them. Goodnight!


3 Responses

  1. GOOD for you Sandi!
    Sometimes I think it is the small times (like a special, impromptu snack time) that makes the BEST kind of memories!
    We continue to pray for you and the kids…you are never far from our thoughts.

  2. I am praying for you and the kids.

  3. Hi Sandy, So glad to hear summer vacation is off to a great start for you and the kids. I wanted to let you know we are walking in the Wooster Relay for Life this weekend with our team and will light a luminaria for Stef. We will be thinking about all of you as we walk each lap. Maybe sometime you and the kids can come and walk with us! It is a wonderful event to help us all remember loved ones, celebrate life and fight back against cancer. We hope to see you soon.

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