June 1st

Well, it’s here. June 1st. The day I set to try to accomplish 3 of my goals. Several of you have checked in to see how I was doing with these over the last couple months. I have to say, that I am pleasantly surprised. I thought I wouldn’t achieve these goals. I am sure that many think these were “easy” goals. For me, though, they were some of the most difficult. First, I went to Florida with a friend of mine in April. I had an amazing time of relaxation and reflection. I also so enjoyed the time I was able to spend with this dear friend. While I was there, I was able to watch a movie with her in our room. That was a huge step as I was really hoping for just a 1/2 hour show. When I got home, I didn’t really change my TV viewing. Although, this could be because I am so used to NOT watching TV now. However, as of late, I have started to watch HGTV again at bedtime. So, I feel that my goal to be able to watch a TV show has been achieved. Next, I wanted to read just one chapter in a book. One of my “Tuesday night girls” gave me a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. She thought this would be perfect as each chapter is so incredibly short. Well, it worked. I read a few pagesiin this book while I was vacationing. And today, while sitting at the pool with the kids, I actually read 5 chapters in Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s “The G Free Diet” book. It is her book about gluten free eating. For those of you who don’t know, that is yet another thing we have been dealing with. Our middle son, Justin, started a gluten free diet in late January/early February. So, I am reading her book to try to figure out how to make things better and easier for him. The important thing is that I read 5 chapters in one day!! Finally, I wanted to start going to bed by midnight without medication. Well, I don’t use medication anymore. That really started out of a bizarre resistance to taking themeds . However, I am at a point right now that I really don’t feel that I need them. That feels so good. I don’t go to bed before midnight yet, but I have gotten rid of themeds . So, I have to say…………I reached my goals!!!!!!!! And it feels really good to be able to say that. Thanks for checking in, praying for me, and encouraging me to continue pushing forward to reach these.

Now, we can start summer. My two boys are out of school. I have so looked forward to this summer break. Typically summer break is so hard for me because I am so routine oriented. However, I am ready for a relaxed style of living for a couple months.

And, I just have to mention how proud I am or our oldest, Derek. He has been on a select soccer team for a year now. This past week, they held tryouts, and he made the 10 year old “A” team. I am so proud of him. He is so talented in soccer. I had so much fun watching him play this past year. Way to go, Derek!!

Thanks for continuing to check in on us. I have amazing friends who continue to support us through prayer, encouragement, and checking in on us. For any of those things, I am so grateful. Have a good night.


4 Responses

  1. Sandi,

    I am so proud of you! You are making progress whether you know it or not and I think it so great that you take the time to recognize it. That is probably just as important as the progress!

    As I always say, You ARE Amazing! The more I know you, the more that holds true. I have loved our Tuesday night routine and will see you tonight!
    Love ya sister! Caron

  2. Great job!! Keep up the good work. I think it was Warren Wiersbe that said, “Yard by yard life is hard, but inch by inch, life’s a cinch.” Small goals achieved result in big results.

    • Sandi,
      I am cheering for you! I threw my arms up in the air. I am proud that you reached your goals.
      YEAH DEREK!!!!

  3. that is AMAZING SANDI!

    Thanks for the update…We continue praying…

    Keep is up. Enjoy the summer…Lord willing you’ll have continued steps forward.

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