Mommy, I Love You More Than…

For this little story, I need to set the stage just a little. I’m sitting at the kitchen table. It’s 1114 pm and I hear feet on the steps. Oh, no, who’s up? That is a sound that no parent really wants to hear at that hour. Along with these little feet, came the sound of our super energetic dog running down the steps. Now, that’s a sound I really don’t want to hear. I then heard a little cry which let me know that my 3 year old daughter was the owner of those feet. I walked over to the steps and asked her what she needed. She said, “I want you.” I know this sounds so cute, but I hear her say this probably 100 times per day. And that is no exaggeration. I asked if she was the one who let Sprite out of her brother’s room. She said, “Yes, I was looking for you, mom.” Still not sure why she thought I would be in Derek’s room at that time, but oh well. I walked upstairs with her, grabbed her puppy blanket, and sat down to rock her. She was super snuggly. She then looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I love you more than pancakes.” That got me. Sounds silly, but this girl LOVES pancakes. So, for all those crazy moments with her, that little phrase pushed all those out of the way.

Hopefully, you don’t mind if I share another story. Today, after dropping the boys off at school, Carley and I were heading over to my friend Melanie’s house to pick her up for our trip to the gym. As we were driving, I had the radio playing. A female was singing. You’ll understand the importance of that in a minute. Anyway, Carley said, “Mom, do you hear that.” I said, “Hear what?” She then said, “Do you hear dad singing?” I asked her to repeat herself because I didn’t think I heard her correctly. A girl was singing on the radio, and she thought she heard her dad singing. When she answered my question again, she said the exact same thing. I told her that maybe Jesus lets little people hear things that big people don’t hear. She then proceeded to tell me that her daddy often talks to her at night. I asked what he says. Without hesitation, she said, “He yells, ‘I love you more, Carley.’ ” Wow. That’s all I can say.

That little girl misses her daddy. But she has such an amazing way of keeping him right in front of us. Thanks for letting me share. Sharing is so healing.


6 Responses

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing, Sandi. Although, now I have to explain my red eyes to my coworkers!

  2. those are such great stories! I do think kids see and hear things that we do not or cannot for whatever reason. He was such a great dad and wow to hear her talk about him like he’s right there with her…..makes me glad and sad at the same time.
    we love you and we miss him.


  3. Sandi, Thanks for sharing. Maybe Stefan was singing the song so that Carley would hear it. That is an amazing story and while I sit here with tears on my face, I feel so blessed to be able to read your thoughts. HUGS!

  4. What an amazing little Grandaughter!!!!!! She has been someone special sent to you. God knew 3+ years ago that you would need this special little person to help lead you through your grief process, while at the same time she’s helping herself. Isn’t God SO good????? But **** most of all – You’re special to your Dad and Mom Sandi!!!!

    Love you lots!!
    Mom šŸ™‚

  5. Love that little Carley! She has such a way of keeping us loving her to pieces.

  6. Sandi, thank you for sharing these amazing moments with everyone. We already knew Stef loved you more than corndogs but Carley loving you more than pancakes? Wow! -Jen

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