An Amazing Gift

Back in November, Stefan had a most unique conversation with my sister, Sharon. He had used less medication for that day, and she drove up to talk to him while he was still alert. He so wanted to get me a Christmas gift. And he didn’t think he would be here at Christmas time. Oh, how he tried, though. And he almost made it. So, on that day, he spoke with her and they tried to come up with an idea. He knew he wanted something special. My sister said the idea just came to her. She asked him what he thought of having his wedding ring made into a ring for me. He loved the idea. So, that started the process of visiting a jeweler and looking through pages of designs. Once she settled on a design, the jeweler got to work remaking his ring. I didn’t receive the ring at Christmas as my sister was afraid to do anything while Stefan was still here. And then things got crazy for a little while after that. Well, on Easter Sunday, I was presented with the most beautiful ring. It is a ring using all the gold from his ring and the diamonds as well. It so reminds me of his ring, but is so feminine as well. My sister had it wrapped up with a simple note that said, “Love you, Babe.” She thought that so sounded like something Stefan would say. She was 100% correct. I can hear him saying that now. So, when you see me, ask to see the ring. I love it and am so proud to wear it and show it off!! So, thank you to my wonderful husband who tearfully made that decision that day to give his wife an amazing gift that will always be treasured. And, thank you to my sister who so wonderfully carried out his wishes.


6 Responses

  1. Sandi,
    What an amazing and CLEVER treasure for you to have ALWAYS!! I just love it. So very special. I bet Stef was so pleased to know that you would have this gift and Sharon is such a sweet sister.
    Continually praying for you and your sweet peeps!

  2. That is beautiful! Love and prayers, Janet

  3. What a beautiful thing to do. I was so touched reading your post. Maybe you could post a pic of it so we could all share in your heart’s treasure. Take care!

  4. Sandi,
    I remember being there that day Sharon went in to talk to him about it, she had mentioned to me what she was doing and I thought it was the most amazing, thoughtful gift for both you AND him, as I know it meant so much to him to give you something so special. I absolutely can not wait to see it.
    Sending all my love!

  5. One more piece of evidence of the man Stef was!

    Stef…you are DA MAN!

    Sandi…can you post pics? That sounds absolutely beautiful!

  6. That is a really sweet gift. I cannot wait to see pictures.

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