Happy Valentine’s Day

I just wanted to post for a couple reasons:

1. I have some amazing friends. I have been receiving cards all week wishing me and the kids a happy Valentine’s Day. Thursday, I received flowers from a couple friends, and today someone who wishes to remain nameless made sure that I received flowers from my 3 young children. That brought me to tears. So thoughtful.

2. Just so everyone knows, because I know so many want to make sure we will be ok tomorrow– my parents are coming up to take us out to dinner. And we are also “celebrating” our dog, Sprite’s, 3rd birthday. I think the kids are more excited about that.

3. If you do anything tomorrow, please make sure those closest to you truly know that you love them. Don’t miss the opportunity to give them a hug and tell them how much you love them and how special they are. I can only hope that Stef knew I loved him so deeply. But don’t miss the opportunity!!

Ok, so that was three things, but I just felt like sharing. Have a great day!


3 Responses

  1. When my wife passed away I felt the exact same way. Everyone needs to know how lucky and blessed they are to have a “significant other”. Sometimes I even felt jealous to the point of anger when I saw couples wasting their time not telling each other how much the mean to each other.

    Keep up the great work. Even though it may not feel like it, it IS work and you ARE doing great.

  2. Sandi, Thank you for the reminder to make sure we tell our loved ones that we care. I am sure that Stefan knew you loved him. Your actions right up to the end showed him. Love is more than words, it is actions.

  3. Happy Birthday Sprite! I am sure that Stef knew without a shadow of doubt how much you loved him, just like he did you. It was obvious to everyone around the love between you. I have been praying for you all weekend. See you Tuesday night!

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