In Addition…

In addition to my list in the previous post…

31. Chick-fil-A. Please support this great restaurant. They have been so amazingly generous to our family.

Both of the restaurants we frequent have been so supportive of our family and very giving.

32. The choir at our church. Many of them set their watches to alarm at 12am and 12pm so that they would be specifically praying for Stef at those times.

33. Friends who ran errands for me. I had so many friends and neighbors who were so willing to run any errands I might have had. From getting milk to getting shoes for the boys, you name it, they did it. Thanks, guys!!

34. Watching our children and my family’s children during Stef’s viewing. A lady in our church played with the kids in the church’s gym so they could have some fun on a difficult evening.

35. Some of Stef’s friends stained our deck and playset for us.

36. Fixing some computer problems. A neighbor of mine has helped with so many computer issues I’ve


37. Friends and family who check in with us to make sure we’re hanging in. For this, I am so grateful.

38. Friends and family who were figuring out how to possibly get themselves down to Florida or get my sister, mom, or niece down to Florida that first day when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. That blew me away.

I added these last eight things to make the list more complete. I also wanted everyone to know that nothing is insignificant. It was also important that everyone recognize the generosity of so many wonderful people. So, thank you.

Sandi, Derek, Justin, & Carley


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