Thank You So Much

I’ve debated about posting this, but I really feel compelled to do it. I want to thank everyone who has so generously helped us out over the last 18 months. I wanted to list many of the things that were done for our family in order to say thank you and to let everyone know how amazing our support system is. So, while I apologize for not sending each person a thank you note, I hope you all know how much I have appreciated each and every thing that has been done. Well, here’s the amazing list…

1. Watching our 3 kids

2. Cleaning our house

3. Shoveling our driveway and sidewalks

4. Taking our kids to school

5. Transporting Derek to soccer games and practice

6. Taking our boys to do fun activities (D&B, sledding, etc)

7. Sending cards–I just have to say that I never realized how much one card can affect someone’s day.

So, for those of you who sent us cards, THANK YOU. I have kept each and every one. They so

helped to brighten our days!!

8. Watching, playing with, and walking our dog, Sprite.

9. Making sure our 3 kids had the most amazing Christmas!!

10. Gift cards for every place around here. AMAZING.

11. Fixing our fence so Sprite wouldn’t climb it as much. 🙂

12. Cutting our grass.

13. Taking our kids to the pool this past summer.

14. Fixing our front window.

15. Cleaning and organizing our basement playroom.

16. Taking Sprite to the vet. Now that is amazing to take someone else’s dog for a teeth cleaning.

17. Meeting up with me for lunch, coffee, dinner, etc. while Stef was at OSU.

18. Providing meals. I have to mention that this generous act totally amazed us. Over the last 18 months

we have had over 100-120 meals brought to us. That blows my mind. We have had meals put in our

freezer in addition to those others. Incredibly helpful. Thank you!!

19. Pizza. Our kids love pizza. We had a family send us pizza on most of Stef’s chemo days. The kids

looked so forward to Tuesdays.

20. Pizza again. All I am going to say is to those of you who live here… support Flyers Pizza. They have

taken such good care of a pizza loving family. Thank you, Flyers Pizza!!
21. My mom. She watched our kids for 6 weeks and 6 days while Stef was in the hospital. They were able

to keep with their routine as much as possible.

22. Night sitters. These amazing people sat with Stef for over 5 weeks at night to keep him resting

comfortably and make sure that he had someone right beside him from 8pm to 6am. Thanks to them, I

was also able to grab some sleep.

23. Day sitters. These people sat with Stef for a number of reasons. So I could go to lunch and dinner for

my birthday, run errands, go shopping, pick the kids up from school, etc. For the last 7 days, my

neighbor, Lisa, sat with him each morning at 730 so I could shower and fix breakfast for the kids.

24. A new back door.

25. People picked me up while we were at OSU so I could run errands.

26. Girlfriends come over at night to have fun at my house since I can’t really get out in the evenings.

27. Flowers. The past couple meals brought to us have been accompanied by beautiful spring flowers.

Very uplifting in this weather!

28. Vacation. That’s all I can say, but to those who helped, THANK YOU.

29. Starbucks and Panera. I’m addicted to both of these. My friends know it, so thanks.

30. Prayer. We were covered in prayer. We felt it’s amazing power. So, for those who so faithfully

prayed–thank you from the bottom of my heart. You may never realize the comfort and sense of

peace we felt. We walked through deep water, but we had a true sense of calm.

I hope I pretty much covered everything. If I left anyone out, I am truly sorry. I am so thankful for the people in our support network who reached out to a hurting family and helped us walk upright through this journey. We are so grateful.


3 Responses

  1. What a wonderful list. None of us should ever think there is nothing we can do to serve the Lord. Your list gives us a multitude of good ideas.

    Do you know that your gracious acceptance of the gifts glorifies God also. As you depend on others, we can see examples of how we should depend on God.

  2. Well said! Those who give of themselves even in the small things have an impact in so many ways.

  3. You and your family are loved very much! God bless you.

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