New Territory…

I wasn’t sure what to title this post, so hopefully the above title covers it.  Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciated the outpouring of support Friday and Saturday.  I was amazed by the number of people who showed up for Stefan’s viewing.  What also amazed me was all the different groups of people who came.  There were several people from Arthur Andersen where Stefan had his first job out of college.  There were also several parents of Derek’s soccer team members.  There were community friends, neighbors, family, school teachers and staff, work friends, and many others. I know several of you drove quite a distance to be there.  I hope you know how much that meant to me.  I tried to talk to as many people as possible, but know I missed so many of you.  But thank you for being there to support us.  And I thought it was great that we had a little sun peeking out as we were leaving the cemetery on Saturday.  Somewhat comforting, I think.

The kids and I are trying to figure things out here at home.  I know there is a long road ahead for that.   They are each struggling in their own way.  It is usually realized most at bedtime.  So, most nights, I have one to three kids in bed with me.  I love my children, but it is hard to actually sleep with a 3, 6, and/or 9 year old.  Derek isn’t actually too bad to have in bed, but it’s usually the other two who come in.  🙂

Well, I’ll sign off for tonight.  Please continue to pray for us and ask us how we’re doing.  I really don’t mind talking about everything.  The late evenings are the hardest–when the kids are in bed and it’s just me.  It’s pretty quiet.  But I’m sure over time I’ll get more used to it.  It’s just different from what I’m used to.  And change is hard.


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  1. Greetings Sandy.
    Wendy, the kids, and I will continue to include you all in our nightly prayers. We look forward to serving your kids through Awana and whatever we can do. The boys both have a special place in our hearts. Please get some much needed rest.

  2. Hello! We have never met but I knew Stef through the hospital when I worked for a vendor. I’m so happy to hear that you had such an out pouring of support over the weekend.

    Our small church has a mom battling cancer right now as well. We were planning a funeral for Saturday but thankfully she is still alive and fighting. So as we serve that family I think of you and your family as well. Keep the faith and talk to you kids about your faith and trust in the Lord whose birth we just celebrated! I know that it will be hard and I will continue to pray for you as you go through those tough spots.

    Amy (formerly of Cerner)

  3. Matt and I are praying for you and the kids. We will be especially praying at bedtime. Please let us know if there’s anything I can do or if Mr. Matt can help out in any way. You are a special family and we’re here for you!

  4. Hey Sandy…Sorry I couldn’t make it to the viewing or funeral for Stef but I have heard some really amazing testimonies from people who were there and how amazing the service was. How amazing you did. How great the time was.

    How exciting to even be able to talk about a funeral in such positive light. While I’m sure it doesn’t make it easier…knowing that GOD WAS GLORIFIED thru it has to be some consolation.

    Know that we continue to pray for you and we are confident GOD will continue providing & meeting every need that you & the kids will face in the days to come.

    God Bless Sandy…REFUSE TO LOSE!

  5. Sandy, I am planning to be at Stef’s memorial service next week. I am praying for you all.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I have followed Stef’s story from his blog over the last year and I am so sad to hear of his passing. Please know that I will continue to lift your family up in prayer, it has been a blessing and an encouragement to read about Stef’s faith while battling cancer, he was such an encouragement to me.

    Lord bless!!!


  7. Sandy… Sorry I could not make the funeral but you are all in my prayers! You are such a strong and amazing woman and I truly admire your courage! Take care of yourself and your children. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system so lean on them when you need to. Keep the faith in God and lean on him as well!
    God bless you!
    Julie Klopfenstein

  8. Sandi,
    I will remember you at night-I know how fears and pain can be so intense in the night. There are some great Psalms that speak to that issue that have really been a standby for me. Your grace and love shone so brightly this past weekend. You represented your husband, your family and the Lord so well. He will be sufficient. Give those sweet kids a huge hug and then a gentle push to the other side of the bed—get some rest!! You are in my prayers many times each day.
    Kristi Coe

  9. Our thoughts and prayers were with you over this past weekend and I’m thankful that there was such a wonderful outpouring of love and support. Praying for your children during this time and for the night times, as well, for you and the kids. I’m sure you are doing the healthiest thing by talking through all the emotions and helping your kids talk through it as well. You are never far from our thoughts and prayers. Please never hesitate to post a prayer request or anything that we can bring to the Lord on your behalf. We believe in the power of prayer and feel convicted to hold you up in this way. Thanks for posting!
    Janet Megilligan

  10. Sandi,

  11. Sandi,
    you are one of the strongest women i have ever seen! You have displayed so much courage through all of this…you are truly becoming one of my hero’s 🙂 My Family will continue to think and pray for your family….Stef was a great man, he will be missed very much!
    Brittany Adkins
    (and the rest of the Adkins Family Scott Cathy and Brooke )

  12. Sandi:

    You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Jay and his family is here this week and we spent some time last night talking about Stef and what a great person he was. God bless you and I am praying that He wrap His arms around you and comfort you in a very special way.

    Bumper & Susanne Hidalgo

  13. Continued prayers for you and your children!

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