Heading Home

Well…… after 6 weeks and 6 days, we’re heading home.  Stef has really wanted to make it home and once again insurance has gotten in the way; so, after talking with Dr. Martin’s nurse, Shelly, for quite some time, meeting with a social worker, and meeting a different hospice team, we have made the decision to go home sometime tomorrow.  I have to be honest that this makes me a little nervous just thinking of everything that will need to be done at home.  However, even though I am worrying, already things are getting taken care of.  Our church is providing meals 4 times per week and they are going to continue to have people sit with him in the evening so I can try to rest.  So, while today was extremely stressful, I am still amazed by and so thankful for such a wonderful support system.  I know we can’t see what’s ahead in the near future, but it is so comforting to know that people continue to pray for us for whatever may come.  

I also wanted to send a big thank you to a special group of girls who took me to dinner for an early birthday dinner.  It was so nice to get out and participate in life.  So, thank you, girls!!  

Once again, I would ask that you continue to pray for our kids and us as we make this next transition.  There are many things that concern me in connection with him coming home.  He needs quite a bit of care still.  Also, I have tried very hard to keep the kids protected.  Hopefully, their home will continue to be a place of comfort and wonderful moments for them.  I will post again in a few days to let you know how our transition goes.  Have a good evening.


14 Responses

  1. Spoken from a line of one of my favorite movies, Dorthy says, “There’s no place like home”!!! 🙂 How true this is. Whether your sick or not, it’s always a comfort zone!!

    Take care!!!! Continue to pray for you and the kids.

  2. We have thought of you often these past few weeks and continue to pray for you and your family. This is a tough time, I know, but also know that many care about you and are thinking of you.

    Chris and Greg Kasprzak
    AKA – Kevin’s parents

  3. We are definitely praying for all of you!

  4. Praying for a smooth transition home and that the comforts of home will create cherished memories for your family through the holidays.

  5. Sandi & Stef Please let me know if you need anything at all! Meals, a hug, cookies, somewhere for the kiddos to run around, anything! Our love, hearts, and support are with you during this transition. Love Laurie, Russ, Russell & Evie

  6. Sandi, just remember the Lord already knows the steps that lie ahead of you. He walks close beside you — felt mostly by your amazing support system (His hands and feet) and when you think you can’t bear another thing, He will carry you through. You are experiencing His love right now being given through godly people and those who love you dearly. I’m SOOOOO glad you have them and that our God has been soooo faithful! My heart aches for you having to go through this, but our God is faithful and you are now and will continue to experience His amazing grace. That’s the only thing that gets one through these times! I love you dearly and please know that we are praying for you daily. I was so excited to read your blog around Thanksgiving. I had prayed Thanksgiving morning that you would have some opportunities to interact with Stef and that God would give him moments of real clarity of mind. Your blog following the holiday sounded like that happened!

  7. Oops! I first put this comment in his journey schedule and didn’t realize it until after I’d submitted it. Sorry about that. Lots of love, Sheila

  8. WOW…great news…We continue praying for you & Stef & the children. Thanks for keeping us posted! Say hey to Stef when you think of it! Later…

  9. Praying for all of you! Thanks for the updates.

  10. We continue to pray for you and ask the Lord for a smooth transition back home.

  11. Sandi, Stef and Children:

    We are daily praying for you. May you feel God’s grace and strength daily.

  12. Your family is in our daily prayers. It is good to know Stef is coming home but I can understand the daunting nature of that for you, Sandi. Please know we are here for you and the whole family and whatever you need, we will help. God’s plan is not known to us but He guides us the entire way. May you continue to hear His gentle words and know that He holds you in the palm of His hand.

  13. Praying for a smooth transition home and some wonderful memories to cherish of being together for the holidays this month. Praise God you have such a wonderful support system there.

  14. Stef and Sandi,
    We are continuing to pray for you and your family!!

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