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Hi, it’s Sandi again.  Well, we are still at the James.  I think I’m going to quit posting when we might get to go home as that keeps changing.  This Thursday, it will be 3 weeks that we have been here.  I am definitely ready to be home.  However, I don’t want Stef to go home too early only to have to return a couple days later.  It is just tiring being here.  I really miss the routine of our family life.  You don’t realize what you will miss until it’s not there.  I know it is also hard for the kids to have both of us gone all day, but thankfully my mom is keeping their schedule running as normally as possible. It was also great to have them come visit Stef on Sunday.  He enjoyed seeing them and they were so happy to see him.  This was their first visit since he was admitted.  Our middle child, Justin, had such a hard time leaving.  That’s what is so hard.  And Carley whimpers at bedtime because she misses her daddy.  We’re all ready for him to come home.   What is holding us here right now is the fact that Stef’s G-tube that was placed 2 weeks ago was accidentally pulled while he was getting back into bed.  The surgeon came in yesterday morning and determined that it was indeed out of the stomach, so he pulled it the rest of the way out.  He wanted to see how Stef would do with the G-tube site just freely draining into a bag.  Last night, however, Stef started vomiting, so we’re thinking that the tube may have to be put back in  in order for his stomach to drain adequately.  With today being a holiday, they are operating on a skeleton crew, so it will  most likely be tomorrow or Thursday before anything is done.  Please continue to pray for our kids as this continues to weigh heavily on their little lives.  Also, please pray that Stef would have increased strength and a desire to eat.  He is getting TPN for nutrition, but I think it would help him mentally to actually eat by mouth.  And now with this matter of his G-tube, please pray that if they do put another one in that it would be easier than the first time and that it would stay in place.  Thank you so much for your concern and your prayers.


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  1. Stef and Sandi –

    Even though you are not home, you are not far from the minds, hearts and prayers of the many people that are supporting you. We will be praying for all that you mentioned. Thank you for taking the time to update us all. Love you guys.

  2. hey stef and sandi,
    I’m sure it’s been crazy for you and we really appreciate the post to be able to keep up with you all.

    You’re in our prayers many times each day and we will continue to pray without ceasing especially for the kids right now.

    much love,
    Grace and family

  3. It was good to see you last night, and get some first-hand appreciation of what you are going through. We are praying for you “without ceasing”, that God’s will would be done, AND that His will would be the same as when He worked such a miracle -really, miracleS – on James Callahan just a few years back. One can’t imagine the pain you are going through, but we also can’t imagine the grace that God has given you.
    Keep up the good fight, and the wonderfufl testimony.

  4. Sandi and Stef
    Just wanted let you know we praying for you.

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