Hi, it’s Sandi again.  Well, we’re still here at the James.  Stefan’s pain is a little better.  Not great, but better.  He had to get a unit of blood today because his hemoglobin was really low.  Hopefully,  that will come back up and won’t be an issue.  I’ve been able to stay here with him each day, so I think he is able to feel more at ease.  Sleep has been somewhat of an issue for him.  He does not sleep well at night, so when I get here in the morning, he is able to relax somewhat.  My mom is staying at our house to watch the kids, so that has been so helpful.  Carley has been having a rough time with us being gone.  Even though she’s having fun, she still misses mommy being by her side.  That’s hard as I feel somewhat torn.  I want to be here with Stef, but I want to be there to comfort the kids.  Hopefully, sometime over the weekend, Stefan can go home.  I know we are all ready to be a family again.  Even though it can be stressful with three children, I miss it.  Please continue to pray that his pain will go away.  In order to combat the pain, they have him on a lot of meds.  He is really “loopy”.  I guess the good part is it provides me with some humorous stories to share.  While that may see bad, the way I look at it is if you can’t laugh about things sometimes, you go crazy.  When you sit in the hospital roughly 12 hours a day, you have to find humor where you can.  In fact, he’s saying some pretty crazy things right now that are making me laugh.  I’m pretty sure he won’t he won’t remember this later.  I love this crazy guy, though. 🙂  Take care and have a great evening.  I’ll try to keep everyone updated.  Please don’t think I’m being disrespectful of him.  That’s just what happens here, I guess.


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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! Stef is so lucky to have you and I am sure he would not mind you getting a kick out of him all drugged up:) Love you both

  2. I think Stef is a lucky man to have you.

  3. Way to find humor in every situation! I hope Stef can look back at himself and laugh someday too! We know your heart is true! As for the kids, they are building character and making memories through all this too. You are a great mom and wife! You are not doing this alone, God is with you!

  4. Sandi and Stef. I really appreciate the fact that you let us enter into your lives with your updates. it makes it so much easier to pray specifically for the two of you. Keep them coming. Your kids are great and will bounce well. Thank you for being such real people. We love you both.

  5. Hi SandI I think I told you before that my daughter and son in law sent Stef’s blog to Global paryer network. She had a response back from some one who had terminal cancer. He suggested that Stef take communion everyday. That he would be able to draw from Christs stength in this way. This gentleman took communion and he was healed.

    Lots of love and prayers
    Pam and Duane

  6. Sandi, I think it is God’s grace that you can find something to laugh at despite the surroundings you are in. Maybe you should write these funny things down because I bet that Stef would get a kick out of them later on when he’s feeling better. You are an incredible person!! Your stamina, dedication and love for Stef and the kids is an example to us all! Your family is so blessed to call you theirs!

  7. Sandi,
    I just want you to know that I know precisely what you mean about being torn between being with Stef and being at home with the kids. During Jeff’s first long hospital stay, someone told me that I just needed to trust God’s grace to fill in the gaps I felt I was leaving. That helped me so much. We are praying Stef will get to go home soon!

  8. Hey there Sandi…no disrespect at all in the funny things Stef’s saying. I’m sure he’d be laughing along with you if he was listening too! Disrespectful would be POSTING those thing he’s saying. 😉
    Praying for you as you juggle…loved what the person above said about God’s grace filling in for you. Carley may never remember these days she’s missing you. Stef would…you’re doing the right and best thing for your fam by sticking by him! God bless you and we’ll keep praying for the pain to go away.

  9. Sandi – You’re being incredibly generous with all of us, taking the time and energy to keep us updated. Laughter is good medicine, right? 🙂

    Always praying.

  10. Stefan and Sandi,

    When Stefan was born God knew he would be going through this struggle at this time in his life. God also knew that his wife would be going through her own struggles and would be torn between husband and children. I thank God everyday for the wife He brought into Stefan’s life as He knew what attributes were needed for her to stand beside Stefan through this struggle and be strong for him. She is a Proverbs 31 woman in my sight. Thank you Sandi.
    With love and prayers, Bill and Kathy I know both of you Refuse To Lose.
    God can only be using the both of you to His glory.

  11. Praying for you and Stef. May you always feel God’s comfort and wisdom during this time. Both of you are such an encouragement to me when I read this blog.

  12. Hi Sandi — you are such an amazing wife and mother — your kids are so blessed to have a mom who feels that way. God did know Stef would need you at this time in his life and I pray He will sustain you and your kids through this. I love that you are so real through all of this and that you can find a little humor in spite of the situation….and I agree, writing down what he says might give Stef a little something to laugh at later 🙂 We love you and and are praying for you, Stef and the kids. Sharon & Sean

  13. Stef and Sandi, I’m still praying for you.

  14. I pray for you all as I walk to observations. I prayed again for you all. I will continue to pray for you all.

  15. So glad to have found your blog today through jill Kinney! You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers an extra lot this week. God’s blessings to you!

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