My wife found this and it really got me thinking.  Please read this:

A family is a deeply rooted tree with branches of different strengths, all receiving nourishment from an infinite source. A family is where character is formed, values are learned, ethics are created and
society is preserved. A family is where all members contribute, share, cooperate and work, and accept their responsibilities toward the good of the group. A family is where holidays are celebrated with feasting, birthdays are acknowledged with gifts, and thoughts of days gone by kept alive with fond remembrances. – A family is where each can find solace and comfort in grief, pleasure and laughter in joy, and kindness and encouragement in daily living. A family is a haven of rest, a sanctuary of peace and most of all a harbor of love. (Manny Feldman)

There are so many analogies and truths burried in here, I was amazed.  I think that I will be spending the next week or so, talking about family.  What it is, what it means, etc.  I hope you enjoy what ever I might have to say.  Not sure where this will end up, but here we go.


5 Responses

  1. Wow, that was a great find! Looking forward to you next series of posts.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Family has been a conversation we’ve had recently and this definitely gives me some meat to sink my teeth in and contrast those in my extended family who don’t want to do extended family!

  3. Thanks for the reminder of how important our family is. I think we take them for granted so many times! Have a great day:) How are the hiccups?

  4. Beautiful , It made me kiss my small family all over . Thank God for family .

  5. Great find! thanks for sharing

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