Forgot to tell you…

Remember this post.  Yep, they’re baaaaack…  I am in day six in my battle with the hiccups again.  This time, I just wish I had the hiccups.  However, there are also, what I am calling spasms, associated with them.  They tighten my chest and take my breath away, and just plain scare me.  In addition, there is much heartburn/reflux this time as well.

I am on meds to combat the hiccups, but like last time, they are not working well or at all.  So, we just deal with them and pray they go away soon.  I don’t mean to complain again, but these things are really a pain to deal with.

PS – I have been posting many updates lately, so I may get back to posting some random things.  So those of you who just check this blog for journey updates, bear with me as I post some not so important items!


4 Responses

  1. Praying that your hiccups go away. I will pass this info on to my parents.

  2. Hey Stef-

    Keep fighting to win.
    Keep refusing to lose.
    One day at a time – but the victory line is up ahead.
    You are an inspiration.

  3. Hiccups again?! I hope they stop soon, I can’t believe they’re back. You weren’t kidding about perseverance huh?

  4. thanks for reminding me that any day with my wife is a good one.

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