Another Journey Update…

Sorry I have not posted in a while, but I have been trying to figure out how to word things.  Then I thought, that’s stupid, why don’t I do what I always do, just say it like it is.

Well, Sandi and I spent the day together on Tuesday.  It was nice spending time with her, but it was at doctor appointments.  Spending any time with Sandi is great, even if it is at doctor appointments.

The day started with my radiation therapy.  She came back to the room and saw the exam being performed.  Radiation therapy is going well.  I have three more sessions (I will be done next Wednesday).  The pain from the mass is getting better, but not sure if it due to the doctors increasing my pain meds or if the radiation therapy is doing its job.  I have not felt any decrease in the size of the mass, but that may not happen until after therapy is done. 

We then went to see my oncologist.  He was very happy with my weight gain.  Up to 177 pounds now.  I have gained 45 pounds since the beginning of August.  We discussed starting me on a new drug (think Huey Lewis, “I Want a New Drug”).  The drug is Vectibix and we will see what it can do for me.  I will be on it for about two months and then we will do a CT scan to see if this new drug has made any difference.

The it was off to lunch.  We met up with our niece, Kristen, for lunch at Bravo.  We had a nice lunch and visit with Kristen. 

Next stop, the surgeon.  I really like my surgeon, but he can be very direct.  I like people that are direct, you know where you stand with them, but it can be painful sometimes.  He told us that he would do more harm than good if he performed surgery right now.  We did look at my latest CT scan and it looked pretty ugly.  My entire abdomen is just full of cancer.  He pointed out some of the tumors as well.  He seemed a little puzzled about next steps and noted that he is not giving up on me yet.  Yes, very comforting words.  One good thing is that he is also happy with my weight gain and so we are going to get me off of the TPN treatments.  Sunday night will be my last treatment.  We will then see if I can self-sustain my own weight.  It is also nice to get off TPN as Sandi and I would like to take a trip for our anniversary and we were not going to be able to do that if I was still getting TPN treatments.

Anyway, the nutshell is that radiation therapy is going well and will be ending soon.  Getting off TPN.  Chemo will be starting in about a week and a half.  That’s the update.  Thanks for reading!!


8 Responses

  1. Stef, wow lots of good news; the treatments are going well, the pain is reduced, you get off the TPN and you have gained weight!! Praise God!! We continue to pray daily for your journey, your pain to subside and specifically for God to give you healing.

    So where are you going for your anniversary now?

  2. When’s your anniversary and where are you going?

  3. Thank you for sharing and keep the faith. God is still working on you! REFUSE TO LOSE!

    Happy Anniversary ….when it comes.

  4. Stef, I hope you and Sandi have a fantastic anniversary. I pray that the tumors will shrink. I pray for you on my walk to an observation. It makes the long walk pass quicker. Besides I figure early morning prayers set the pace for the day.

  5. Stef, makes my problems seem so small!!! Your so amazing, keep the faith and keep praying!!! Me and my family are praying for you also.

  6. Our anniversary is November 12th. We are looking at either Chicago or some place in Florida. Not sure yet. Sandi wants to go some place warm, but I cannot take advantage of the ocean or pools because of my picc line. However, some place warm would be nice right now!

  7. I’ve heard that Phoenix, AZ is a nice and warm place to visit in November!

  8. You can always come out to Las Vegas…………..its HOT here!!!!!!! 🙂

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