New Game Plan…

I have had many discussions with my oncologist over the last week or so.  I have challenged him to be more aggressive with my treatment and he has responded.  One item that he keeps coming back to is my pain.  He is on a mission to rid me of pain and I appreciate that!

As noted in an earlier post, some new masses have been found.  One of the masses is a couple inches below my belly button and is superficial.  I can feel it and it freaks me out.  Anyway, this particular mass is causing the most pain.  We have talked about radiation therapy in the past and it is not really an option for me, as my cancer is not contained in one tumor or one area.  However, since this new tumor is superficial and in an area we can “get to”, we have chosen to do radiation therapy on this single tumor to shrink it and alleviate the pain.  Wikipedia has a good write up on radiation therapy here.

I spent about three hours in a radiology oncologists offices today getting worked up and mapped out for the treatment that I will be receiving.  I start my radiation therapy treatments tomorrow and will have 10 sessions/treatments.  At that time, the tumor should be under control and the pain should also be under control.

While I am undergoing radiation therapy, I cannot get chemo.  So, when we are done with the radiation treatments, I will start chemo again.  I will be getting a new drug, called Vectibix.  It has some nasty side effects, but at this point, we need to be aggressive, so I need to look past the side effects.

That is it for now.  Radiation therapy for the next 10 days and then starting a new chemo drug after that.  Keep praying!!



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  1. Hey Stef, did you get some tattoos? My wife has eight..she is six up on me…I will have to catch up….good luck with the treatments, I pray they work for you!!!

  2. We’ll do!!!

  3. We will continue to pray with CONFIDENCE. Hopefully the radiation is not enough to take away from the Michael W. Smith and S.C.C concert tomorrow night. I pray that the concert is a time of worship and refreshing for you too.

  4. @Chad, yep got some tattoos. I got five, so I am up three on you, I think. Thanks for stopping by again!! Have a good one.

  5. I was watching “Facing the Giants” the other day and at the end of the movie the coach is in the locker room with his team and and he is asking them this question, “What is impossible with God?” Obviously there answer is NOTHING! I thought of you and had a renewed spirit that this is nothing for God and he can do whatever he wants even though it looks really bad to us! So I will be praying with a new confidence as you face your giant!

  6. What are the tattoos you guys keep talking about???

    I could see Chad with a tattoo but Stef, not so sure????
    Sorry but please fill me in guys……………

  7. @Leslie, the tattoos are nothing more than markings on the body to ensure that the body is lined up in the exact position for every treatment. The look like freckles, but are permanent. That’s why the call them tattoos. You are correct, not sure if I would ever get at “real” tattoo!!


  9. Vectibix sounds like it should be treats for dogs in outer space. I’m sure it’s wonderful stuff.

  10. Stef,
    It is great to hear from you, I’m glad you have been reading up on my blog. Its good to know that my writing is not falling upon deaf ears. I have been reading yours as well and just wanted to let you know that i have everyone I work with in Ecuador praying for you as well. Your courage and attitude is such an inspiration to me. Just to let you know, I never considered you as my boss, i have always considered you as a good friend.


  11. Personal opinion—I think you should have made them design the “tattoos”, just for fun! Continuing to pray…

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