A Special Day…

Today is a special day in our family.  My niece, Kristen, is getting married.  She is marrying Marc, an incredible guy. 

Kristen lived with Sandi and I for about a year, when she moved up to the Columbus area.  It has been great to see her grow and mature into an wonderful young woman.  During that time, she met Marc.  They have grown into a great couple and I am very happy and proud of them. 

They are having an outdoor wedding today and the weather looks like it will be perfect for them!!

Marc and Kristen, we are excited to share this special day with you!  Congratulations and we pray that that your marriage will be strong and God focused.

Here are their Facebook pages.  Go over and wish them great thoughts on this special day.

Kristen’s Facebook page

Marc’s Facebook page


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Kristen and Marc! Hope you and your entire family had a beautiful day at the wedding, and a wonderful weekend!

  2. Stef,

    Thanks for thinking of us on our wedding day and posting a blog! That was so sweet! Marc and I were so happy about how things turned out, the day couldn’t have been better!!! We love your family so much and appreciate all that you have done for us! We WOULD NOT be married today if it wasn’t for you guys! We love you all so much!

    Mr and Mrs Menhart!!!! (aka Kristen & Marc)

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