Perseverance – Part IV

Perseverance and being Positive

So how many people out there think I am a cancer patient?  I see that hand, I see that hand.  OK.  Well, you are wrong.  I am a person just like you.  I just happen to have cancer.  I cannot be a cancer patient.  It has a negative connotation to it.  So, I choose to be a person first, having cancer, second.  See the positive spin on this?

Persevering is a very difficult thing for anyone to do.  If you are not positive, it almost becomes impossible to persevere anything.  From the first day of my diagnosis, we have been positive.  There are no other options.  Success is my only option, failure is not. 

Being positive is not easy.  There are days when I really need to psych myself up to be positive.  It takes energy to be positive all the time.  I must confess, I am not always positive, that is for sure.  On those days, persevering can be harder than usual.  I am human, I get down.  I get frustrated, I get angry.  This does not help me battle my cancer.  Being positive helps me battle my cancer.  Being in that positive state of mind makes me battle this disease harder and longer.

Another twist that I have tried to put on this is calling cancer a gift.  What, you say?  Yep, my cancer is a gift.  I just need to know how to use this gift and make sure my journey is a positive journey for everyone who is affected by it.  It is not fair to my wife or family if I am not positive about this.  If I am not positive about this, life gets hard on my wife and family.  Undo stress is put on them and things get difficult.

I am still trying to understand what to do with this gift of cancer.  Until we know what to do, Sandi and I are just planting and watering seeds.  We hope that these seeds of faith will be sown one day, for God’s glory.  We have been blessed beyond belief because of this and our prayer is that we have blessed others because of our circumstances. 

Am I happy to have cancer?  Not really!!  Not a big fan of cancer at all.  However, being positive about it has made the journey a little easier and more bearable.  Being positive and persevering, again, go hand in hand.  The power of positive thinking makes life just plain old easier.


4 Responses

  1. WOW! You are one amazingly positive man! I have met so many positive people who also happen to have cancer, but I think you have them all beat! But even the best, still have moments, and those are the times that I think you have to lean on God even harder than you do in the positive times. He is the One holding us all up each and every day. I cannot imagine a life without Him, and without hope. Keep perservering Stef and Sandi. God is with you!

  2. Keep positively persevering Stef!

  3. Stef: I want you to know as your mother-in-law how much I admire and love you. You have been and continue to be such a positive influence even in my life and it just has to have helped in your journey with cancer. I’m sitting here and thinking ******* this headache that I have today is NOTHING compared to your fight with cancer and I should thank GOD that I know that it will be gone before long. Dad and I keep praying EVERY DAY that God will bring complete healing in your life!!!! I’ve enjoyed your blogs with perseverance. They’ve been a blessing. Keep refusing to lose!!!!!!!!!

  4. Keep fighting Stef–Fight to win!

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