A Must See…

Last night, Sandi and I had the opportunity to go see The Lion King, on stage at the Ohio Theater.  Thanks, Nick!! 

We had front row seats and they were just incredible.  This is a must see show.  The costumes, the music, the actors, the scenery, the choreography, EVERYTHING, was just unbelievably incredible.

My favorite actors were the little kids that played young Simba and young Nala.  My other favorite actor was the guy who play Scar.  He was fantastic. 

One of the better shows that I have ever been to.  Go see it if you can!!


2 Responses

  1. No doubt that is a good show, saw it in Philly 2 years ago….

  2. I’ve seen The Lion King literally over a hundred times (because of work, i’m not some crazy lion king fanatic) and i STILL love it! i can’t tell you how happy i am that you and sandi got to see it, did she love it too?

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