Back to the grind…

Well, it is back to the grind, again.  Had a CT scan last week.  Results showed continued growth.  There are a few tumors that have grown from about an inch to an inch and a half.  There continues to be mild growth in the abdomen.  Gettin’ tired of these CT scan results. 

Started chemo again on Friday.  It hit me hard for the first five hours or so. Harder than I remember in the past, but got through it.  Will be having chemo treatments every two weeks, starting on Sept. 16th.  My oncologist is putting me back on Erbitux again.  This is the drug that gave me the very bad chemo rash.  Great.  My face gets to look like it went through a meat grinder again.

Met with my surgeon today.  At least a minimum of six more weeks on TPN.  Guess I better get used to this, even though I don’t like it.  He still wants me to gain more weight.  I have gained aoubt 20 lbs. in the last three and a half weeks.  He is happy with that, for sure.

Anyway, here we go again.  Will probably get another CT scan in about 2 months to check porgress.  I will continue to keep you all posted.


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  1. Stef~
    If I might be so bold . . . is the growth probably due to being off of chemo for surgery? If not . . . When my husband’s results with just Erbitux seemed to be waning, his oncologist from Sloan Kettering put him on Erbitux and Avastin at the same time and it shrunk his liver tumors (colon cancer that had metastisized) to the point that a surgeon was willing to surgically remove tumors that were once thought to be so numerous that he’d never be a surgical candidate. That regimine was really rigorous but it did work. Just wanted to share the info for the future if you need it. And I can get you a list of all the meds thay administered too (those 2 were just the major players.)
    Of course, I believe that God could heal both of you right now and we wouldn’t have to deal with the maybes, what ifs and whens anymore.

  2. Still praying for you!!! I truly admire your faith and strength through all
    of this. It definitely minimizes anything that I have thought was a “problem”
    in the past. You are definitely an inspiration to all of us!! Lots of good thoughts headed your way!

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