Perseverance – Part I

Perseverance and Pain

In my world, there are three types of pain.  They are physical, mental, and financial.  Persevering through any one of these at a time is hard enough.  Try persevering through all three at once. 

As I have said before, cancer is a cruel disease.  It wrecks havoc on your life and family.  It is persistent and that is when you have to persevere like never before.  I have been through some VERY difficult physical days.  Chemo sessions are not fun.  They really affect you physically, but you must persevere.  Surgeries are the worst.  You must persevere.  Waking up in the morning and not having the energy to get out of bed.  Forcing yourself to get up out of a chair.  It all adds up and yet, you must persevere.

When I was diagnosed a year ago, I knew that I was in for the biggest physical battle of my life.  What I did not know was that I was also about to face the biggest mental battle of my life.  Gearing up for chemo sessions, knowing how you will feel for a few days.  Not knowing how the results of your latest CT scan will come out.  Is this disease continuing to spread or have we got it stable?  What is really going to happen to me?  Will my family be ok without me, if God chooses to take me?  Thoughts of life and death flood your mind.  Yet, you must persevere.  Never give up.  Refuse to lose.

I had mentioned financial pain in my first paragraph.  This would be the least of the three pains, but it is a reality.  The chemo sessions cost as much as a car.  So I “buy a car” every two weeks.  Surgeries are not cheap.  Endless doctor fees and lab fees.  It all adds up.  However, God is watching over Sandi and me in this area as well.  Every time we needed funds, they have been provided for us.  It is amazing how God provides. 

Let me put this all in perspective.  Look at Job, in the Bible.  He went through hell and back.  I am not going through ANYTHING like Job did.  He persevered like no other.  There are others that are carrying much heavier burdens than I am.  I know that they are persevering as well. 

Pain and perseverance go hand in hand.  Trusting in God and relying on Him will get you through.

I leave you today with this verse that was provided to me by one of my commenters (Thanks Carmen):

“We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope” Romans5:2-4


6 Responses

  1. Stef – This is such an incredible series of posts for you. What a strong reminder to us all that while our challenges and journeys are different, we all must seek the strength, courage and grace to lean into our Heavenly Father to be our strong tower and guide. Thank you for taking the time to journal your thoughts and share with each one of us. Praying for you tomorrow!

  2. Stef, your willingness to share this from the authoritative platform given to you through your struggle, is beyond inspiring. It’s a blessing that goes to and involves all parts of a being. Thank you for pulling out the stopper and letting it flow.

    Still praying.

  3. Still praying, Stef.

  4. I will be following this series Stef. I need to persevere on some stuff in my life and I need the encouragement. The intro and part 1 already had dome some great encouraging – thank you.

  5. Hey, Liza. I am glad that this has helped in some small way.

  6. […] the same breed as Sheryl.  Strong physically, mentally, and spiritually.  His series on perseverance is great and worth reading not just once, but several times through out your […]

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