Olympic withdrawl…

Is anyone else out there going through Olympic withdrawl?  I sure am.  I was still at home during the first week of the Olympics and watched it just about all day long.  Everything from rowing, to water polo, to fencing.  Whatever was on.  Then, PRIME TIME coverage.  That was fantastic.  I went back to work part time during the second week, but MSNBC did a great daily wrap up at 5pm. 

It was great that there was a 12 hour difference in the time and that we got to see many great events live.  Some of my favorites were the men’s and women’s beach volleyball.  I didn’t miss a single match of the two gold medal USA teams.  Michael Phelps, enough said!!  Usain Bolt, not sure what to say.  He is fast for a guy that is 6 foot 5 inches, but he is a little young in the maturity department. 

Finally, kudos to China.  What a phenomenal job they did in opening up their country to the world.  They built some fantastic venues (the bird’s nest was way cool and the water cube rocked).  I think China has set a new standard for hosting.

Finally, let me continue the debate.  Which is more important, TOTAL medals won, or GOLD medals won.  I think you go to the Olympics to win gold, period.  So, China gets the win, in my book at least.


2 Responses

  1. I agree! I am missing the Olympics as well. The Democratic National Convention just isn’t doing it for me!

    As for medals…I think they are kind of two different competitions so I don’t really have a vote on which one is better. I think there should also be a total number of medals/athletes awareded. So, beach volleyball gets to count as 2 and hard court volleyball gets to count as bunches, etc…

  2. My friend Gina Miles and her horse Macinlaegh got the silver medal! I hope you caught that! I sure was watching!

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