OK, you won’t believe this!!!

From the are you kidding me files.  Guess who I just got off the phone with.  Yep, Jim Tressel himself, head coach of THE Ohio State Buckeye football team!!  Can you believe it?  He is in the middle of two-a-days, getting his number 3 ranked team ready for the season, and he takes time out of his day to call me, of all people.

He found out about me through a good friend of his and he just called my house to talk to me.  He just wanted to let me know that he and the Buckeye football team are behind me in my fight against cancer!  Just nuts! 

Yep that made my day!


21 Responses

  1. DUDE! WOW!!!!

    Did you tell him that you’re a closet Michigan fan?


  2. OK, seriously… this is upsetting me the more I think about it. I really enjoyed not liking this guy. Now I’m going to have a hard time putting his picture on my dart board.


  3. That is so cool. Jim was rear-ended tonight (not his fault) and his dad was telling him about Jim Tressel calling you. Unfortunately, my Jim had to go before he got all the story as he was in the midst of dealing with the accident.

    Did you invite Tressel to play golf on Saturday at your invitational? I’m sure he’s busy with football but that would have been awesome. Jim’s five foursome’s would enjoy seeing Tressel if he showed up!

  4. So stinkin’ cool man. I can’t believe “the vest” called you! I told Austin about it when I got home and he just got this sheepish smile. That is just awesome.

  5. Wow! Just Wow! RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!

  6. O.K did you think someone was yanking your chain!! Did you ask for season tickets? Should we call Carson Palmer and let him know what an awesome coach we Buckeyes have!! Go bucks!!!!

  7. Stef, that is great.

    It is a great thing to have a local leader come along side and show support to those in genuine need.

    From what I know about Tressel, I’m not at all surprised you got a phone call from him.

  8. Stef that’s GREAT! Go BUCKEYE’S

    My Mom (Linda) was keeping me up to date on you! I’m glad your doing better. Still looking forward to lunch some day!

  9. Well Stef, I’m a fan of “that school up north”, but that is very cool!

  10. WOW STEF!!!! Tyler is SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! We all are! Go BUCKS!!!!!!
    GO STEF!!!!!! REFUSE TO LOSE! and FIGHT TO WIN!!!!!!!

  11. That ROCKS! MAN OH MAN! Are you going to go out and buy a gray sweater vest now? He is like that…my dad & stepmom ran into him in one of the Cleveland Hospitals while his wife was having surgery & my stepmom got up the nerve to go talk to him…got him to sign some paper for me & my brother…He was really cool.

    That is great Stef. Praying for you every day? Gaining any weight? Tell Coach Tressel you may need to belly up to the feeding trough with some of his linemen…they might help!

    Later my Friend.

  12. Stef,

    I am a WVU fan-therefore, anti-Ohio State, BUT, I will now consider that the Ohio State coach is a CLASS ACT. I know that you are a HUGE Buckeye fan.

    Of course, I am completely anti-Michigan, since our ex-coach left us and is now the coach there. Soooooooo, EVERYONE in Morgantown endorses Ohio State (except if they ever play WVU) and hopes that they SMASH Michigan this year and forevermore.

    Keep gaining!!! Refuse to lose.
    God Bless,
    Jan (your WVU cousin)

  13. Hey bro,

    That is too cool. What a classy guy. In our prayers all the time. Wish I could come down and golf, but these little crumb catchers need me to drive from event to event on Saturdays. Take care.

  14. Hey Stef,

    How cool is that! I agree with Ringer, the only thing that would have made it better was tickets to a game. Oh well, have a great day tommorrow! Praying for you.

  15. Stef and Sandy,
    Long time no hearing from us, but we’ve been responding to the news from your end via Grace Baptist and Sandy’s folks by praying regularly for you both. We are getting ready to start our 30th year at Cedarville, again waiting on God for strength and wisdom beyond what we can muster. God has been good in blessing and trial and we are encouraged by your testimony as you depend upon Him.

    John and Abby

  16. GO BLUE 🙂

    That is just too cool Uncle Stef!
    Go Buckeyes! But UofM is still top dog 🙂

  17. Stef that’s sweet!!! Did you ask him to give you guys season passes???

  18. O-H!

    Too cool. Oh yeah… you go Buck’s man!
    Very cool he called. Neat stuff. So cool you’re home! Good stuff! Just all… so cool!

    And just a side note question, where’d you get these “M” fan friends? I mean, seriously? I hope they’re family, and you can just say, I didn’t have a choice in knowing them. (Just kidding… maybe.) 🙂

    Prayers and Blessings!

  19. What a great “pick me up”!

  20. Oh this got me teary eyed!

    By the way, one of our church members with Cancer (Mike, he’s in my prayer list in my blog next to your name) just got the good news – no more cancer! I am looking forward to that same post from you. Continue fighting the good fight!


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