Well, we are back home.  Hopefully, we will be home for quite awhile.  I know Stefan is glad to be home.  Hopefully, he will gain weight and energy while on TPN.  The home health nursing service came over last night to train me how to connect him and disconnect him each evening and morning to his TPN.  Hopefully, this will all continue to go well and we won’t have any major problems.

We had some special visitors today.  Stefan’s two good friends from college came to see him.  One drove with his family from New York.  The other one currently lives here in Hilliard.  We were so excited to pull off this surprise.  It was so nice to see Stefan’s shocked face when they came to the door.  Thanks, Steve, for putting this together!

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and support.  Sandi.


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  1. Hi Stefan! Glad to hear that you are finally home. I wanted to tell you that Barry & I are flying from Phoenix back to Ohio this Wednesday. We will actually me at Michael Crawford’s house all day next Friday, Aug 22. If you are up for a little company we would LOVE to meet you & Sandi in person. You can contact me by email at mpetrey9@gmail.com and by phone at 602-448-5125. Refuse to lose!!!

  2. I’m so glad that you are home! I continue to pray for you all of the time. Enjoy the Olympics – it’s a good time to be sick because there is something good on TV!

  3. Stef and Sandi,
    Just wanted you to know that you are in our prayers. I wanted to link a couple of youtube videos that I recently came across. You may have already heard about them……. The first video is the Hillsong song called “Healer” and the second video gives a background of the guy who wrote and sings the song. He wrote it the day he came home from a Dr’s appointment having found out that he had terminal cancer. The song and story are very powerful.

    We believe that God is your Healer Stef!!!
    God Bless,

  4. I think about you ALL so much! You are ALWAYS on my prayer list! I am glad to read the blog and keep updated on how you and the family are doing! I wish you the best…. I hope that the TPN helps but on some weight and helps you not be so tired! Keep up the great spirit and hang in there! Much love and prayers. -kim

  5. Hey Stef-

    Great to hear you are home! Enjoy the Olympics. And remember what swimmer Eric Shanteau said, “I have cancer, but cancer does not have me!”

    Refuse to Lose!

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