Beefing Up For Stef…and Catching Up With Our Kids (what a combo, huh?)

Stef started getting his TPN last night around 10:00.  That will run until about 10:00 tonight.  I believe they are planning on starting him on a 12 hour cycle.  That way when we get home, he can stay on that cycle.  It will start around 8pm and run until 8am.  We are really hoping that he will gain some weight while on this.  We also want him to continue eating by mouth so that TPN is only temporary.  It’s always best if you can eat by mouth.  I think we are looking at a possible discharge on Saturday.  We were hoping for Friday, but Saturday may be the best we get.  Who knows.  Maybe Friday will still be an option. 

We’re ready to be home for a substantial period of time.  The boys start school on August 19th.  I am so excited for routine to come back.  Although, I do have to say I have thouroughly enjoyed the summer at the pool with the kids.  The boys also had a virtual zoo out on our front porch.  We started out with tadpoles.  We were so excited to watch most of them make it and turn into about 60+ tiny frogs.  We have had spiders, a minnow, a large goldfish, and a couple frogs caught from the yard.  One day I will get to have a pretty front porch, but for now it is fun watching them get so excited about nature.  It’s not really my thing to have all these things so close to me, but my boys love it all.  I even took them fishing a couple weeks ago.  Those of you who know me know that that is a big deal for me.  They just knew that I would not help in any way.  No bating hooks, no taking fish off the hook, nothing.  I was pretty much there to be a present adult.  But what fun they have had.  Derek’s soccer schedule has already started and is keeping him busy–and it’s keeping the car running constantly to and from practice.  It amazes me how seriously sports are taken at such a young age.  We’re so proud of him, though.  He is playing on two teams-the 9 year old travel team and the 10 year old travel team.  He is getting ready to head into 4th grade.  Justin is heading into 1st grade.  He is both excited and nervous for the “whole day of school” thing.  He is afraid that Carley and I will be lonely in the afternoon without him.  I think he also loves the laid back approach to summer.  He’s not really into my whole structured routine way of life.  Carley just turned three in July.  This will be the first time that it is just her and me.  I’m really looking forward to it as I have had the opportunity to spend one on one time with the boys.  Carley and I are joined at the hip and so much alike that I think we will have a great time.  Well, thanks for letting me ramble about the kids.  I have so much fun being their mom.  What sweeties they truly are. 

Thanks for continue to support us and pray for us.  We truly appreciate each card, visit, and word of encouragement.  You are all great.


3 Responses

  1. Sandi,

    You are such a good mom! I’m so glad I moved to Columbus to be closer to you guys!! I love your family so much! I hope you and Stef know how much you mean to me! I know I tell you all the time but as you know, I never have enough words to say! I just thought I’d tell you again that I love you guys and that you’re awesome!!

    Kristen (aka Your FAVORITE neice!)

  2. Jer 15:16 “Your words were found and I ate them, and Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts.”

    We are praying that you would gain weight and that you would start eating again, even if it doesn’t sound fun – and for Sandi, Derek, Justin, and Carley!

  3. 60 + frogs, not to mention spiders, on your porch. Only a lving Mom…. 🙂

    Mary Lynn

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