Refuse to Lose Invitational

At the request of some friends, I have put a new page up, RTL Invitational.

Some good friends of mine wanted to do something for our family.  So, they are putting together a golf outing to support our family in this time of need.  You can get the details from the page.  I have also posted the outing’s flyer that has all the info in it.

We are thankful to these guys for this very kind gesture and support for our family.



3 Responses

  1. I’m so glad they convinced you to post this!! People want to help you, LET THEM!!!! We all love you so much and want to help in any way we can!!

  2. Just a heads up. I talked to the Golf Pro (is that what you call them?) at the course today and he said that “Conrad Corner” is brutal. FORE!!!!

    Glad you’re doing this. It’s going to be a great day. REFUSE TO LOSE!

  3. We are so excited about doing this for you and Sandi! It is going to be such a great day1 Love you both:)

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