Randy Pausch (1960-2008)…

Well, it happened.  This past Friday, Randy Pausch lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.  If you recall, Randy is the professor that gave the Last Lecture at Carnegie Mellon this past fall.

Through his journey, Randy has touch thousands of people.  ABC news ran a special on him last night and one of the better parts was seeing how Randy has impacted the lives of people. 

I am posting Randy’ s last lecture below.  This is the full version that he gave and it is well worth the time to watch it in its entirety.  I also recommend his book as well.  Enjoy Randy’s lecture.

Thought I should post the short version, so here is the short version of his lecture as well.


4 Responses

  1. I watched that show on ABC last night and then I also watched the lecture that randy made. It was good.

  2. I saw that lecture and it was very inspiring and brought to light his real issues.
    I watched him on oprah a couple of times too. What a great example to follow.
    I liked the part about the strength he gave his wife and how he helped her get through everyday! I will definately read his book!

  3. I too have seen the lecture and found it very inspirational and true.
    What a wonderful way to live each day for none of us know what tomorrow will bring. Praying for your healing. Refuse to Lose!

  4. No doubt about it. Randy grasped “Chasing Daylight”. Incredible man. Incredible message. In some ways I would say he “won” his battle by not letting it beat him. He stood in the face of everything against him and raised awareness, challenged anyone that watched his video to consider each moment. What a legacy. We’re all better for the message he shared. I didn’t know he had a book, but I’ll have to add it to the “Summer Reading List”. Refuse to Lose!!

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