FIRE…ahh, not really…

Thought you would all get a kick out of this.  The family took me to get a blood draw at my oncologist’s office yesterday.  The kids did well, despite the wait.  On the way out, the excitement started.

Derek, hit the handicap assistance button on the first set of doors.  Well, Carley wanted to be helpful, so she also tried to open the second set of doors.  What she did not know is that the fire alarm will not open the door. 
However, having your three year old daughter pull the fire alarm will embarass you and will upset the staff.  Yep, gotta love when this happens.

8 Responses

  1. You gotta love it!! What would life be without the comic relief of our kids:) I am sure it was not that funny at the time but you know it will be one of those things you laugh about in the future. Jen

  2. Shall we call them “good distractions”? At least you can add this to your FUN family memories. I know it’s not that fun then but we can laugh at it now …

  3. I think Sandi told her to do it!!!

    Atta girl, Carley!

  4. I am so glad to see you have gotten your Stef- sense of humor back……
    Got to love it- I miss those days – my baby is too old for those moments now.
    Hope to see you soon,
    dot. from McKesson—-

  5. Someone did that on an icy day during school…forcing everyone to run out sliding over each other. Like you said, gotta love when that happens. 🙂

  6. Sorry Stef, but that’s the best laugh I’ve had all week!

  7. Well, I can totally sympathize with the embarassment this causes as well as the humor after it’s done. Caleb wondered what the shiny red thing by the door at the pizza shop on the fourth of July was. Needless to say he got to talk to the firemen too. However, I didn’t catch until after the firement left that Bri was crying because she thought they were going to arrest Caleb and take them away. These are the stories our kids will hate us for when they are dating…..

  8. So funny and it brings back many memorable moments that do make great stories now that their older. 🙂
    You’ve just gotta love em don’t ya?

    May the Lord bless you and continue to help you along the journey to restoration! Time to drink some extra creamy milkshakes and very fattening goodies before you weigh less than me! 😀

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