Vaction Observations…

I was thinking about some things upon our return.  Here are some things I learned or observed over vacation.

1.  Your feet are attached to your body.  Please remember to put suntan lotion on them, or they will burn and burn very badly.

2.  To my surprise, I have been wrong all these years.  It is not called a grilled cheese sandwich.  It is called a girl cheese sandwich.  I also found out that my little girl will only eat girl cheese sandwiches.  She hates boy cheese sandwiches.

3.  Do not let your child EVER order Superman ice cream.  They will not like it and you will end up eating a $3 scoop of ice cream that you will not like either.  Sorry, Jason.

4.  Ok, I am getting on a soapbox.  Smokers, the world is not your ashtray.  Especially the ocean.  Please do not smoke in the ocean and then flick your cigarette butt into the ocean or on the beach.  Not cool at all.

5.  The Cafe on the Beach, at Manatee County Beach, hands down, has the best corn dogs I have ever had.  I miss eating them already.

6.  If you are from a foreign country, say Sweden, we have clothing etiquette on the beach.  It is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE to let your 8 year old little girl run around without her top on.  They may be acceptable in your country, but not in ours.  When in America, follow our lead, please!!

These are just a few of the things I thought of.  I may post a few more later.  Can’t let them all out of the bag, yet.


2 Responses

  1. Stef, I’ve been to that beach cafe in Manatee County. It’s a hoot. Didn’t have the corn dog when I went, though. Was there a guitar player/singer there that night?

    We were at Myrtle Beach this past week and FWIW, I saw a fair number of ciggy butts in the sand there, too. Yuck.

    One night we went to a seafood buffet restaurant, and the kids price was done by age. I paid $11.00 for a plate of mac-n-cheese and chocolate pudding.

    Sounds like you had a nice time.

  2. Stop telling lies….Superman ice cream is the best. I have 4 gallons of it in my fridge!

    Hope you had a great vacation buddy.

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