Vacation recap…

Well, the Griswolds, I mean Tarapchaks, are back from vacation!!  Let’s see, what comes to mind.  Ah, yes, National Lampoon’s Vacation Part II.  Yes, it was an eventful vacation.  Let me give you a daily highlight list:

Day 1:  We were not in Florida for two hours and I tangled the rental mini van up with a fire hydrant.  The fire hydrant won by inflicting major damage to the driver’s side door.

Day 2:  If you are ever on Anna Maria Island and are traveling the back roads of said Island looking for a seafood restaurant, remember to obey all posted speed limits.  The police will pull you over and ticket you for speeding.

Day 3:  We were across the street visiting some neighbors, when Carley took a tumble off of something over at the house we were staying at.  In my haste to run over to help her, I ran through some wet grass.  When I hit the driveway, I literally hit the driveway.  My wet shoes slipped on the driveway and I went down faster then the Titanic.  At least my elbow broke my fall.  Not damage done, but a sore elbow for a few days.

Let’s see, the score is Vacation 3, Stef 0…

Day 4:  Finally, a day nothing happened to me.  Unfortunately, Carley was not so lucky today.  She took a tumble off the back of the golf cart and scraped herself up pretty good.

Day 5:  There is a major interchange of I-75 and Route 301 about a mile from where we were staying.  Today, an unfortunate accident occurred.  A tanker truck hauling fuel was run off the I-75 bridge and fell to Route 301 below.  The tanker exploded and caused major damage to the bridge above and the bridge is being shut down for weeks as it is being torn down and rebuilt.  You can read the story here.

Day 6-8:  Uneventful, thank heavens.  The only issues we had were caused by the above accident.  It caused our travel times to triple in getting anywhere.

So, we are back.  In spite of the items above, we did enjoy the beach everyday and some good restaurants.  We had a good time with the kids and, let’s face it, we made some memories for sure!! 


4 Responses

  1. I’m not one to laugh at other people’s misfortunes. . . ah who am I kidding? Yes I am. The start to that trip is the stuff of legends! Stories for generations to tell. Fun times!

  2. Stef,
    I couldn’t help but laugh when I read about the fire hydrant. Apparently Jim told Steve, but Steve forgot to tell me. You probably don’t know this – but I had a slight collision with that same fire hydrant the first year I was down there with the kids (also in a rental car)! I’m just relieved that Steve can no longer say it’s due to a woman driver!! So glad you all had a good time. We’ll be sending up consistent prayers to our Heavenly Father who has you in the palm of His hand.

    Love you all,
    Kim & Steve & Crew

    P.S. So excited to see the kids next week at Troy’s Open House party! :o)

  3. Stef,
    Yikes…sorry the events in your vacation on AMI were unwanted. Hopefully you got up to the little sand bar that has formed up in Anna Maria City? My son who is almost 5 loves it! If you want to see more go to myspace and type in “walking on water Anna Maria Island.” I hope you will be back to the island? Maybe next time you come down stay away from operating ANY vehicles and use the FREE trolley. I figure that would eliminate 3/4 of your troubles. If you ever need help with accommodations on AMI check out our web site…having access to a golf cart leads me to believe that you are lucky and have some friends you stay with…anyways, come back soon – ya hear.

  4. Dahhh, sorry messed up, if you want to see more on the sand bar that has formed in Anna Maria City go to YOU TUBE and type “walking on water Anna Maria Island.” Sorry about the mess up above…NOT MYSPACE


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