I want a new drug…

I want a new drug
One that won’t make me sick
One that won’t make me crash my car
Or make me feel three feet thick

I want a new drug
One that won’t hurt my head
One that won’t make my mouth too dry
Or make my eyes too red

–Huey Lewis

Yep, in the great words of Anonymous, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it”. If you ask for new options, they will give it to you.

My chemo visit went well today. The time with the oncologist was good. We reviewed the results of the CT scan. He was quick to point out that there was a little growth. I think he was dissappointed to see that. I was also, but we then discussed that there are areas that are stable. That being said, we discussed the treatment options available to us. We have decided to put me on weekly chemo. I don’t really like that, but it is a good, aggressive stance. I have been taken off of all my drugs and am only on two new drugs. Well, almost new. I am back on Camptosar. We have also added Erbitux to the mix. One of the side effects of Erbitux is skin rash. Kinda like acne. Great, I get to relive my teenage years again!! Just my luck. It can be severe. One of the guys that I have been e-mailing (we both have stage IV colon cancer) said he got a severe rash on his face, chest, and neck, because of Erbitux. They are working adjusting his dose, so the rash is not so severe.

So, I am feeling great right now. Probably the best I have ever felt after a treatment. Again, not too happy with the weekly chemo treatments, but that is the approach right now. So, buckle up, here we go again!!


5 Responses

  1. Hey, Chemosabe! “Camptosar” sounds like a cool summer wilderness program for dinos! “Erbitux” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…just sounds like a burp in formal wear.

    Maybe you should lay in a supply of rash treatment stuff, just in case. Head it off at the pass. 🙂

    Praying for you.

  2. I dont remember you having any achne in high school!! I will pray that you dont get the nasty rash that you were talking about. Im sure you will be just fine!! I hear that Proactive works well, or whatever the comercial is that Jessica Simpson brags about!!! Keep smiling Stef.

  3. Great. Now I’m gonna being singing Huey for the rest of the day.

    Thanks Stef.

    If I bust out into air guitar, you’re so getting hit next Sunday, and I’m telling on you to Sandy.

  4. I am with Amanda on that one- how do you come up with these things?! Well if you start having skin problems at least you know someone who can help- hint, hint!

  5. Hey Stef, I am running again today. I’d be praying for Kit, Heather and you while I run. It’s a 5K run (that’s probably take me 45 min to an hour 🙂

    Weekly chemo? I’m sure the quick side effects would be a bummer but the long term effect would be great – cancer free! Hang in there – we’re praying.

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