CT Results – Good but confused…

The results are in and the Idol contestant leaving us tonight is…oops…too much American Idol, I guess!!

Here is the short of it. The report as I read it is about 95% positive! PTL!! Everything seems stable at this time. There is more growth in the nodule that showed up last time. It went from 9 mm to 1.3 cm. They also noted some things along the right (ascending) colon. We will ask questions about that. The confusing part is that they noted increased thickening around the omentum. Well, I had my omentum removed and I got confused. Then I remembered that you have a greater omentum and a lesser omentum. So, back to dig out my surgical reports to see if my lesser omentum was removed.

Anyway, seems like good news to me!!! YES!!!! We will get the official word from the oncologist on Tuesday, but from my reading, I think we are doing good!

Again, thanks for all of the prayers and support. Sandi and I cannot do this on our own and we thank you for the help!!



9 Responses

  1. Keep on truckin’ brother!

  2. Thank Him too!!

  3. Oops on that last comment… I mean thankING Him too. Sorry… 🙂 As in… I’m praising Him with you… oiy… where’s my coffee? Mommy brain is so not able without caffine. OIY… able TO FUNCTION… (apparently neither is Mommy typing hands.)
    Here’s to smelling like coffee. Yeah… I know you’ll get it.

  4. God is good, ALL THE TIME!!!! We keep praying, We keep praising!!!!

  5. That’s great news Stef. We’ll be praying that you’ll have peace now until your meeting on Tues. and our prayers will be with you guys and the drs. as they determine the BEST plan for you from there. So glad to hear the positive stuff…that’s the pie after some broccoli! 🙂

  6. woooohoooo!!!! cuz , great news . Always in my prayers . Refuse to lose

  7. Yeah! Keep eating those oranges, take your vitamins and drink some strawberry lemonade and THEN you can have some pie!!! I am praying for the best treatment plan. God Bless!

  8. Great to hear!! I’ll keep on praying!

  9. Try fasting too!

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