Gone Fishin’…

Yep, checking out for a few days to go to Florida for a deep sea fishing trip. Check out this crazy itinerary. Fourteen or so guys from my church are leaving for Pensacola, Fl on Thursday, early morning. Get up early on Friday for 10 hours of deep sea fishing. Having dinner that night at a local eatery that will prepare our fresh catch. If we get skunked, there is always a Fish-Fillet at McDonald’s. After dinner, back in the cars to drive home. Getting home about noon on Saturday. Just nuts! I am so psyched for this. I am sure I will have some great stories and pics, so look for an update in a few days. This is on my Bucket List. Well sort of. I cannot take my boys, but one year, I will. Outta here!!!


7 Responses

  1. Have fun!

  2. Sounds like a great time – be safe and have fun!

  3. Hope you have fun!!!

    Have you ever been deep sea fishing before? You might want to pack some seasick pills (with your doc’s okay)…

  4. Steffy…

    You mus’ be crazy! All that way for a few fish? Naw, Naw…that just isn’t right!!!

    All that way for GOLF, SURE! But for fish…NAW, Dog, NAW, NAW!

  5. Have a blast Stef! I hope you find your deep sea legs in ten hours!!

  6. Hope you enjoyed yourself, I like mine blackened..thank you

  7. We were bummed you weren’t in town as we traveled through but glad to see you’ll be enjoying yourself!! We’ll catch you next time!!

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