What did the King do…

Well, we are not sure of the whole story, but what we do know is that The King, aka Mr. Burger King, had a play place built into his fast food joint.  King thought it would be a great idea to have kids play after having a fine dining experience.  So far, I agree with his stance.  Why wouldn’t you want to keep patrons in your eatery for as long as possible.

Although there were no witnesses to the accident, we have proof that my Cinderella, did in fact break her finger playing in noted play place. Not sure if the King did it or not, but I have my suspicions.

Here is my little princess with her splint on the little finger of her left hand.


5 Responses

  1. It is a shame that the “King” is now targeting kids appendages rather then adult heart disease with his double whopper sandwiches. I hope your little gets better soon.

  2. ugh, not to mention the germs in that big play thing, anyone got a hose full of anti-bacterial foam.
    I’m so sorry, give her lots of hugs and kisses for all of us out here in blogland!

  3. Give that little beauty lots of kisses and make it all better!

  4. What an angel. Please give her boo-boo a big kiss from Grandma S. and a big hug to help those tears. Children, may your quiver be full and your first-aid kit.

    Love and Kisses, Grandma

  5. I’ve seen that creepy King guy skulking about in bushes …. no doubt he is the perpetrator!
    She looks appropriately miserable in that picture! lol Poor kid. She may need counseling now! 😉

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