Russ Runs a Great Race…

Well, my good buddy, Russ, did it!!! He ran the Columbus 1/2 marathon this morning and finished strong and well under a two hour time. It was great to be there to support him as he ran to support me. You see, Russ was running to raise some funds for the Tarapchak boys to get to Fenway Park to see a Red Sox game. His post is here. Russ was wildly successful in getting sponsors and thanks to Russ, we will not only get to Boston, but also to Chicago for a Cubs game!!

Russ, words cannot express my thanks and appreciation for what you have done for me and my family. To give so unselfishly of your time to train and then to run today, means so much. Thanks, my friend, is all I can say!

I also watched some other friends from my church run. Congrats to Heather and Amanda for finishing strong and beating their time goals as well.

I had a great morning. I think I was as excited as some of the runners. It was a great experience and again, many thanks to Russ, Heather, and Amanda!


4 Responses

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the race. Watching running can be a bit strange but those you do cheer for were very appreciative, I’m sure.

    Been thinking about you a lot and hadn’t send you a message lately! I ran a 1/2 marathon last weekend but didn’t break the 2 hour barrier yet. Congrats to your friend for doing that.


  2. Russ has my congratulations!! That is an awesome accomplishment and even more so if you have never done it before!!
    May God continue to use you, Stef, in mighty ways! Have a great time at the ballgames this summer! I am glad you have a chance to go! I truly feel that you will be healed and have many opportunities to go again and again!!

  3. We would like to thank Russ for his thoughtfulness in dedicating his race
    to Stefan and the boys. Words are not enough to express the gratitude and thanks for men like Russ that God has placed into Stefan’s life. As I read Stef’s blog, I so enjoy reading the comments that everyone makes. You are all so positive and uplifting for him. You young men and women who comment on the many subjects that Stef shares with you are an inspiration to me and this generation. I see strong Christian men and women ready to tear down the strongholds and diseases and trials that the enemy would set before you. Strong in your commitment to our Lord, your spouses and your children. I want to thank everyone who is upholding Stefan and Sandi and the children at this time in prayer. Before Stefan found out about his cancer, God gave me a word for him and it was “It is coming”, I never new what that meant. And if I had I probably wouldn’t have believed it was God speaking. Just a couple of weeks ago I heard, “Get ready”. I believe that this is their time of blessing and they are to get ready for it. All of you that God has put into Stef and Sandi’s life at this time, you also were chosen by God to be exactly where you are at this place and time. God Bless all of you and you are in our prayers. We are praising God for what He is doing at this very moment in Stef’s body and spirit and He will get all of the Glory.

    God Bless and Keep You, Mom S.

  4. Way to go Russ!

    Stef – I finished 4th (4th from the bottom – hehe). yep, I was slow on my 5K run last Saturday but had a great time praying (that includes you) while I ran. I have not posted about it – maybe later this week.

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