Surgeon Appointment Update…

scapel.jpgWell, we met with our surgeon today. Good news, again!! I hope I keep the good news streak going. He is not going to do any surgery in the foreseeable future. Why, you ask? He noted that there is not much cancer in there. What I think he is benchmarking against is my before surgery condition last fall. Either way, he said that there is not much in there, it is growing slowly, chemo is working to keep it at bay, so why go in an mess things up!!

YEAH for me! No surgery for awhile! We can now plan a summer vacation that we didn’t know if we would be able to take. The kids will like that!!

So, I am continuing to stay in a good place, both mentally and physically. The chemo weeks still really stink, but I can endure a few days ever other week to keep this under control and eventually beat this thing!



13 Responses

  1. Great news! I am blessed and pleased to hear that, Stef! I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve been following along and praying (and will keep doing so) nonetheless.


  2. That’s so awesome Stef, this is incredible news!

  3. Congrats Stef and family. This is truly wonderful news. Enjoy your summer vacation !

  4. Stef!!!!!!!

    Summer is looking good, huh?????? Dad and I are praying that we’re beginning to get to the tip of our “miracle”!!!!!! We still believe that it’s on the way!!!!!!! God bless you Stef!!!

  5. Awesome!! Now my husband can kick your butt at Hackers!! Just kidding- thanks to God for this wonderful news!!

  6. Stef, I work with your mom at Whole Life. Just want you to know that we are all praying for you up here in good old Shenango Valley and know God is in control. God Bless and PTL. Sharyn Tompkins

  7. Stef,

    Continuing to pray…Thankful for the postive news. Keep the Faith!


  8. Great news cuz , Awesome ….you and the family have a kick butt summer vacation…..God bless ,

  9. Goes to prove that God is at work and is hearing and answering ALOT of your friends and family prayers!!!!! I always knew that you would grow old and gray one day. You have always had a determination about you Stefan, your a blessed man!!! God has a special purpose for you and he is not done with you yet!!!! Awesome news!! Go plan a great vacation and have a blast with your wife and family!!!!!

  10. Dear Stefan,

    “GET READY” to have your “Socks” blessed off. The blessings will be coming your way. God is answering many prayers for healing and provision for you and Sandi and the kids. He knew this was going to happen before it did and He was not taken by surprise. He has made provision for you. Receive and Praise The Lord. We love you and Sandi and those beautiful grandchildren. To God Be THe Glory! Love, MOM

  11. Wonderful news indeed, Stef! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  12. Great news Stef, bless the Lord!!!

  13. Hey Stef,

    Thanks for your comment over at Thoughts of a Worshiper. I will be praying for your battle with cancer, and for your family.

    Blessings to you brother!

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