Explaining the early Easter…

easterbunny.jpgLet’s face it, Easter is EARLY this year. They are even calling for a white Easter this year. Too early for Easter in my book.

Why is Easter early this year, you ask? Well, check out this article and it explains the reason why.

The moon, who would have guessed that? Not me.


One Response

  1. You know how much i LOVE the snow Stef!!!! Not!! I can honestly say, it wont be a white or cold Easter in Las Vegas, in fact, its never white or cold here. Its already in the 80’s here so it does seem like Easter to me!! Its not about the weather anyway, its about celebrating the RESURECTION of our Lord and Savior!! Im just glad I get to celebrate it somewhere warm and sunny!!! Hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!!!

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