My heart is heavy today…

I got a call last night from a an old high school friend of mine. When he called and I finally realized who it was, I was very happy and thought we would have a great conversation by catching up and talking about the high school days. To say the least, I was not prepared for the conversation that we had.

My buddies name is Chad. His wife’s name is Staci. Chad and Staci have two children, ages 10 and 6. Chad informed me that just earlier that day, Staci was diagnosed with breast cancer. AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! My heart sank. I was as floored by this news as I was about my own diagnosis. This is another case of LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!!! What did Staci do to deserve this? NOTHING!!!! Now another family and good friend have to begin a journey and fight for life. They do not know what stage she is at, but they do know that it is a rare form of breast cancer that is aggressive, spreads fast, and targets the lymph nodes. NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!!

In my conversation with Chad last night, I felt some peace as he talked. They are doing what they can to work through this life altering event. Chad and his family have a strong faith in God and Chad mentioned that things happen for a reason. This is not an easy time for them right now, so I am asking a favor.

I know and have felt the power of prayer through people that have read this blog and followed my journey. I am asking that all of you begin praying for Chad and Staci and their family. To that end, I know that hundreds of people will be praying for my dear friend and his wife who is beginning a fight that she doesn’t deserve to be fighting.

I keep going back to the Mercy Me song, Bring the Rain. The chorus is:

Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free
Bring me anything that brings
You glory And I know there’ll
be days When this life brings me pain
But if that’s what it takes to
praise You Jesus, bring the rain

Here is the song.

Refuse to Lose, Chad and Staci!! We are behind you all the way to a complete cure!!


10 Responses

  1. hey stef, heard about chad and staci too. my family and my church family pray for you all every day and now we will pray for chad and his family too. i start to write but don’t know what to say. when i think of you guys i always laugh and go back to some ridiculous time from kindergarten all the way through our senior year. i’ll think of you guys now and still laugh but i’ll also pray very diligently that God will continue to provide what only He can and i’ll provide what i can, lots and lots and lots and lots of prayer. keep refusing to loose.

  2. Hey Stef, I was so sad to hear about Chad’s wife, you hit it right on the head when you said that life is not fair!!! I have very great memories of you and Chad in school also, Grace’s email made me chuckle. Hi Grace, get my emial from Stef and drop me a line!!! Its so bitter sweet to think about the good times and then remember the struggles that life brings also. My sister is 4 years breast cancer free and we know that at any given moment it could be back roaring its ugly head but we BELIEVE that God is bigger than that and Im sure that Chad and Staci know that to. I will get Staci on my prayer chain and continue to keep you on it also!!! Thanks for letting us know!!

  3. Hi Stefan,
    Just stopped by to get an update on things, and to my surprise, read about Chad’s wife. I want you both to know that you’re families are in my prayers. I sometimes take a walk down “Memory Lane” and wonder what ever happened to our fellow classmates. It’s good to see some familiar names on here. I hope that with your blog, long lost friendships will be rekindled. And new ones will be formed.
    My family has participated in our local Relay for Life for the past few years. Last year we formed our own team, and we’ll also be participating this year as well. Every year our team picks someone to walk in honor of and in memory of . With your permission, we’d like to walk in honor of you. You’ve been a great testament to everyone here. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
    Continue to stay strong in your faith and remember… Everything happens for a reason.
    May God Bless You and your family as well as Chad and his family.

  4. They are in my prayers, as are you my friend.

  5. Well Stef, my wife is crying again, yes you are the culprit. She could not contain herself after reading your blog today. We should own stock in Kimberly-Clark (makers of Kleenex). We really appreciate all of your kind words and prayers. My wife had a breast MRI yesterday and tomorrow has another Ultra sound (not good news). We may seek a second opinion depending on the results next week. We hear Fox Chase and the University of PA. are 2 topnotch cancer facilities. Please feel free to contact us at our new email address

    It was also nice to hear from all my old friends and I am sorry that this is what it takes for me to reach out to people.

  6. Chad, sorry to bring more tears, but this blogsphere thing is powerful. Know that hundreds of people are praying for you guys!! We are here for you guys!!

    Love the new e-mail address!!

  7. Well finally some good news after almost having a heart attack. My wife went in on Friday for her Ultra sound (she didn’t know that it was her other breast this time). They said they found a mass in her right breast this time, but all is well as they did not see anything. So a bit of good news amongst the bad.

  8. Hi everyone! Some of you might not remember me. I am Chad’s cousin Melanie. I went to the Academy for a short time. We were all so sad to hear the news of Staci’s cancer. She and I are about the same age, and it just hit me so hard. She has two kids and so do I. It is just terrible. I live in Idaho, but I wished I lived closer to help in anyway that I can. But, I will continue to pray all of the time for Chad and their family and you too Stefan. Hopefully God will hear all of our prayers and answer them. Take care everyone, Melanie.

  9. Well, I think it’s time I got my thoughts in here. I’m Aunt Jean to Staci and Chad….and to dear Melanie as well. I’ve been receiving Stefs’ progress reports from his website. Needless to say, I too was just totally hit hard by the news of Staci’s cancer. I cannot imagine what’s going through Stacis’ mind right now….I’ve decided to give them some time to absorb the news, and make their decisions before I call to talk. And besides, I must say I’ve been so emotional, I don’t know if I could talk. Staci….you’ve been very special to me since I first met you. You’ve treated me so well….and always made me welcome into your home. Chad is very blessed to have you, and I know he feels the same about you.
    When Chad, Hannah, and Joshua stayed at our house just before Christmas, it was a special time. Hectic if you know our family. Dave and Darlene were here also, but it did feel odd not having Staci here. I miss you, and hope we see each other soon.
    For those of you who don’t know Staci, she is a wonderful Mother, and a loving, devoted wife. Just know that I will pray every day for you and Chad, and the family. And for Darlene as well. Our family has a lot of health issues lately to deal with.
    Sometimes I sit back in wonder, seeing people like Stef, Chad and Staci and Dave and Darlene facing these battles, having their lives change so dramatically, and know that the only thing keeping them strong is their faith. As their Aunt, and Sister, I thank you Stef, and to all those familiar names I see above me, my thanks as well for continual prayer for them. May God richly bless each of you….and may He answer our prayers for our loved ones.
    Love you Staci and Chad….kiss Hannah banana for me, and Joshua too.

  10. We will pray for Chad and Staci as well. We have several friends and family members who are battling this dreadful disease.
    No, life certainly is not fair Stef, it truly isn’t.
    I am just thankful we have a Father who is mindful of our needs and our pain and who loves us; One who has prepared a place for us where we will be together forever with Him and with one another…
    a place where there is no more sorrow, fear, pain or death; where we will completely whole and be perfectly loved throughout eternity.
    This is our promise and hope and the joy set before us.

    In the meantime we fight on our knees and join our faith with yours for healing today, in this life now! We stand with you as you refuse to lose.

    Be encouraged and find comfort today Stef, in the grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ! His love and grace to you always,


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