Some more info for ya…

pages.jpgI have put a couple new pages on my site. They are listed at the left as Cancer Connection and Journey Schedule.

The Cancer Connection page was created to point people to a few sites that may assist them in understanding cancer, in and of itself. I have also posted info on my specific cancer, colon cancer. I have also listed a few sites for people that are caring for a person that has cancer.

The Journey Schedule page was created to give you up to date info on my upcoming appointments. Some of you have e-mailed me and asked me about upcoming “events”. So, I thought I would just post my upcoming appointments for you so you know what is goin’ on!!



3 Responses

  1. Great idea man. Now we can pray even more specifically. Refuse to lose!

  2. Thanks for keeping all of us so current w/ your status. We’ve all gotten so involved with your journey and this helps even more. We’re all praying and now we can be even more specific.
    On with the fight!!!!

  3. Stef, your still just as organized as you were back in school. That’s why you were on the studen council and I was not!!! I have you on my calender to pray and remember you on these days. Rick and I are praying for you, along with our son Tyler. Your becoming a house hold name in our home, Im beginning to think that our dog “bella” knows your name now! Keep the faith and hold on strong to Jesus!! Refuse to lose my friend!!! Oh, and have a good cup of coffee for me!!!!!

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