Man, Am I Blessed…

Today had a great beginning. You wanna know why? I’ll tell you why. I got to visit Tyler Alfriend and THEN, I got to meet Kylee Bornhorst!! Man, what a great morning to see two of my heroes!! Heroes you say? Yes, heroes. They are two of the most level headed, positive young people that I have met in a VERY long time. I am blessed by every visit that I have with Tyler and now, Kylee!! They made my day today. I would encourage each of you to visit their sites and read what these two incredible young people are going through and how they are moving through their journeys in dealing with their cancers. Life is not fair. It is bad enough that people my age and older have to suffer, but young people at the ages of 15 and 19, come on. Life is not fair, but these two have chosen to be positive and fight back. Yes, they are my heroes.

I thank God every day that I am tolerating my own treatments as well as I am. Yes, my chemo weeks are not fun at all, but I am not going through nearly the trials that these two are going through. So, visit their sites, let them know you are praying for them! They will make it and I am excited to see them through to the finish line!

As Tyler would say, FIGHT TO WIN!!


7 Responses

  1. Stef, I have been recently diagnosed with colon cancer, so I’m just beginning my journey. I had my CT scan yesterday and got a peek at the results (not particularly encouraging). I just stumbled across your blog recently and am reading with great interest. You are most certainly in my prayers. Keep the faith, God is in control!

  2. Dan, swing by often and keep me updated on your progress. It is a journey that you can make it through!! Keep the faith and REFUSE TO LOSE, Dan!!

  3. Stef-

    Isn’t is neat how our all-knowing God puts the people in our lives that we need to encourage us through difficult times? I know God is blessing you with Kylee and Tyler to help you keep your focus on His goodness in your own life and to encourage you through this long walk in life. Keep the faith!

    Pastor Searle

  4. Stef…
    Those are 2 of my patients 🙂 How’d you find out about them? And yes, they are absolutely phenomenal. I took care of kylee her very first night in the hospital. And Tyler is one of my favorite people…I bet he thinks I talk too much:)- can you believe that haha.
    Im still praying for you. I’d like to see you one of these days and caatch up, etc!


  5. Oh…and I forgot…A) I want one of your shirts that tylers mom has mentioned on his page. B) Let me know if/when you are making a trip to J5-maybe that would be one of the best times for me to see you. Since I do practically live there…only at night time though 🙂

  6. Stef,
    Thank YOU for coming to visit Tyler!!! We are the ones that are so blessed by getting to know you. You are one of the most positive, uplifting, faithful people I know. You are quite famous here in the hospital. Several people have mentioned your name, and ALL say what a wonderful person you are! Thank you for allowing us the privelege of getting to know you. We are praying for you always, but especially on Tuesday as the next round begins. And we are praying for your entire family! Take care and rest up! See you soon!

  7. Hey Stef, So glad you got to meet Kylee! This past week, 2 and 2 finally came together. God keeps placing everyone’s story in our path by what Aaron would call “Six Degrees of…”
    Brent knows Kylee’s dad through coaching and has a great respect for him. They sat at a b-ball game and talked right after Kylee’s diagnosis. That situation really impressed Brent in how her dad was handling things at that moment I really didn’t put it all together until the article in the Dispatch. How cool was that article? Very moving…

    Anyhow…so neat that you 3 can be encouraged and inspired by each other! God is so good to keep linking your circle of friends!

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