Chemo — Session #2, Round #4

Just a quick update today.  Chemo hit me a little sideways last week, that’s why I have not posted in some time.  Sorry about that.

Chemo was a little rougher this time around and I am not sure why.  I was fighting nausea for a few days, but my meds helped me to combat that.  My biggest issue this time around was fighting fatigue.  I have not had energy for a few days now, but am still functioning some how.  I worked Friday and today, but was tired.  Still cannot feel my toes.  That is getting old!!

We are also going through our genetics testing.  My body doesn’t seem to want to produce some proteins, so we are going to try to figure some things out.  We get results in late March, so I will update you then!

I have a few posts to get to this week, so bear with me.

Keeping the faith and refusing to lose!!


One Response

  1. Stef,
    Sorry to hear the chemo was rougher this week. I will pray that you get some relief from the fatigue. You are truly the coffee bean!!!
    Love In Him,

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