What a week…

We have all had them, terrible weeks. This past week was one of those terrible weeks. Thank heavens it was a non-chemo week for me. What made the week terrible, SICK kids!!! ALL THREE OF THEM!!!! UGH!!!

Sickness was running rampant in the house. It started with Derek, who ended up being the mildest case and has just ended up with a cough that is slooooooowly going away. Then Carley started with the vomiting, coughing, bloody noses, and a bilateral ear infection. Poor little thing is doing better today, but, again, what a week! Then Justin finished up with some nice viral infection that had him knocked out for a few days.

So, a few nights of no sleep and a wife that is trying her best to keep the house together. What is a guy to do? I will tell you what does work sometimes. Remove the wife/mother from the situation.

After a nasty, hard week, Sandi and I escaped Friday/Saturday. Her folks were willing to come to the house of ills and watch the kids while we took off for the night.

We spent the night over at Easton Town Center and had a nice and relaxing time. We had a great meal at The Cheesecake Factory and then did a little book browsing at Barnes and Noble. After a good nights sleep, something we had not had in days, we got up and had a relaxing breakfast at the hotel’s buffet. Then we did some more shopping throughout Easton and did it at a nice relaxing pace. We took in a movie (review to come) and then went home.

If you had not noticed, the theme for Friday/Saturday was RELAXING. We had a great time spending some downtime together as husband and wife. I highly recommend doing this sometimes. It was well worth it!!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Stef-

    I am sorry to hear the family is having a rough time. Tyler always enjoys your visits. I hope we can connect soon as well.

    At the hockey game for Tyler I ran into friends of yours, the Fensters. I worked with Mike for about 8 years, and did a couple of SCUBA trips with him in Bahamas and Mexico.

    Get better soon.
    Refuse to lose.
    Fight to win.


  2. Sorry your kiddos have been sick, NO FUN!! Glad you and your wife were able to get away from it, albeit for a short time, it is definitely needed. Thank God for grandparents. God bless you guys!!

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