Movie Review – The Bucket List

bucket-list.jpgOK, this was a hard one to get through. From anyone else’s perspective, it would be a fantastic movie. From my perspective, it was an incredible movie, but hard to watch at times. If you are a cancer patient person who happens to have cancer, it is a moving experience. So, here is my take on The Bucket List. I promise to try not to spoil any plot lines, but I just might, so read on at your own risk.

Rob Reiner clearly hits one out of the ballpark on this one. Jack Nicholson (Edward) and Morgan Freeman (Carter) give top shelf performances and play off one another so well in this movie. I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt. I also cried three times during this journey of two strangers that become fast friends. They come from two very different lives and the only thing they have in common is they both have a year, at best, to live before their cancer takes them. They leave the cancer ward of this hospital, owned by Edward, and begin their journey of crossing items off of their bucket list. This adventure leads them around the world doing and seeing various things. This adventure also allows them to come to terms with who they were and past decisions they had made.

It is very, very funny at times. It was also very sobering at times. It did a great job of depicting a person with cancer and what they go through. It also let you see that life events, such as a cancer diagnosis with a poor prognosis, should not get you in gear to enjoy life and “cross things off your list”.

Anyway, I give this movie a five out of five stars!! Clearly an entertaining and to-the-point movie. A must see for everyone.


2 Responses

  1. We saw it and loved it. I cried too Stef! Started working on a bucket list of my own. There are no guarantees for any of us. Following your journey has made us all appreciate every day we have a little more. I love you and pray for you daily!

  2. Stef,

    We saw the movie when it first came out. I thought of you right away and wondered if you would watch it. I’m glad you did. I’m glad you liked it too. We lavghed and cried both. It made me wonder if maybe the “secret” to being spiritual friends with people, espeically those differnt from us is to realize that we all have the same “sickness”, we are sinners, lost and dying, without Jesus. Someone once said the ground is level at the cross. What’s on your list? Love ya man.

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