Chemo – Session #2, Round #2…

Well, round two was this past Wednesday. The affect of chemo usually hit me on days four and five, but this time, it hit me on days one and two. I did ok during the treatment, but when I got home, it started to hit. Days one and two were filled with bouts of nausea and fatigue. Meds helped with the nausea, but the first two days were still not fun.

Thursday, we had a follow up appointment with my surgeon. It was a good visit. I really like my surgeon. He is very personable and very good at what he does. We discussed my progress to date and he seems to be very pleased. We discussed my chemo regimen and he agrees with the direction we are heading with that. We also discussed the next surgery and he is not sure that one will be necessary. He is taking a wait and see approach. I am going to say this is an answer to prayer, as I really do not want to go through another surgery. However, the wait and see approach is not sitting well with me. Right now, the cancer is not spreading (per the results of my last CT scan). So, since the cancer has shown no signs of growth and new chemo drugs being administered, he is going to wait and see how the results of my next CT scan turn out and then we will make a surgery decision than.

Anyway, I am doing ok right now. Looking forward to a good week at work and at home with the family. I love my off-chemo weeks!!! Oh, I still have my hair!! For how much longer though???


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  1. For me, I lost my hair 5 days after my second chemo; I had been loosing it slowly up until then, but on day 5, I woke up and 4 hours later I had none. It was a rude awakening I’ll tell you what!

    I wish you strength and wellness through your journey.

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