Chemo – Session #2, Round #1

Last Monday, I started chemo again. It was an ok week. I accidentally pulled out my needle from my port on Tuesday morning. I was putting my shoes on and somehow managed to step on my IV line and pull my stupid needle out. Then I tried a Rambo move and attempted to push it back in. Well, I knew something was wrong when my pump started beeping at me. When my nurse finally arrived, and I told her the story of what I did and my wonderful he-man Rambo move, she just stared at me like I was some kinda major league goofball. I told her that the new chemo drugs reached my brain faster than anticipated and it was the drugs fault not mine. I also went on to tell her that I never said I was smart.

Anyway, I got through the week feeling nauseas everyday, but I have meds to help take the edge off of the nausea. Then Friday night came. Let’s just call it a late delay in the chemo, but Friday night I think I would have rather cut my fingers off with a butter knife than go through the 90 minutes of pure h-e-double hockey sticks I went through. If this is what I have to look forward to every other week, gee, I just can’t wait!!

So, I am feeling better now and get the week of Christmas as a reprieve. Will update you next week as the next round of chemo is on January 2 and a follow up with the surgeon is on January 3.


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  1. Hey Stef… Sorry for your rough Friday… Hang in there! -Merry Christmas

    B & A

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