God’s Mac…

gods-mac.pngI have to admit, that I am a PC guy. I am jealous of what the Mac can do, but I just cannot make the leap.

Anyway, there is a guy who has made the leap and is doing some great things with his Mac. His name is Gabe Taviano and he is definitely plugged in. He has a site, God’s Mac, and Gabe is doing some great things on this site with the gifts and talents God has given to him. Gabe hosts a series of podcasts and you can learn more about Gabe and his co-host here.

In his “spare time”, Gabe designs some kick-butt web-sites. Check out some of Gabe’s work at his site, taviano.com.

Thanks, Gabe, for sharing your talents on the web!


3 Responses

  1. Make the leap, man!!! There is NO reason not to do it. The last viable argument (“But i need to run windows because xyz software for my job/hobby/something only works in windows”) is gone… Macs run Intel processors! PC Magazine recently said the fastest Windows Vista laptop they tested was a Mac! Make the leap! I’ll help in anyway I can!


  2. Essentially what Matthew says is true.

    I recently purchased a used iMac and have been having no problems whatsoever. Just one app I really need – MS Money – and I just run it on my old windows box when necessary. I just use a remote desktop client to access the windows box.

    The key thing is to analyze what you use and don’t use on a regular basis and find out if there is an application that is not available on Apple.

    If it’s not, run a windows virtual machine. Voila!

    Another way to get your feet wet is by getting a Mac Mini and a KVM switch and go parallel for a while.

    Every day at work I’m using Windows, Linux and Unix systems and the Mac platform is really a stellar performer. No worries about viruses, and the underlying OS is rock solid.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! By the sound of it, you’re going to be a switcher in no time? Continuing to pray for you – thanks for the updates here on the blog! Have a great Christmas celebration!

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