Your worst job…

I saw this article today that talks about the presidential candidate’s worst jobs. One of the worst jobs I had was galvanizing pipe in a pipe mill (Wheatland Tube Company). It was very hard and honest work and it made me value the college education I was obtaining at the time. The guys I worked with pushed me to ensure I would finish college and never end up in that mill. They were great guys, but I did not envy the work they did in that mill.

So what was your worst job?


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  1. Without a doubt, cleaning horse stables in Arizona during the summer. No matter what you did…you just couldn’t quite shower the smell out.

  2. i was a youth pastor once… … … ouch.

  3. I worked the night shift at a newspaper in college. No, I wasn’t a reporter, or beat writer…I had the pleaser of stringing them, stacking them and standing by the printing press all night. My hearing has never been the same.

    I also punched the clock at a video store in college too. That was brutal. Time could not go fast enough on that gig either. Great topic.

  4. Flippin’ burgers at McDonald’s… it looks bad from the counter because it is bad. I could tell you stories that should make you decide to never eat there again… and yet…. I still eat there. But that’s just because I’m a sick man. :^)

  5. Your right, the mill is a very hard and not so caring place to work. My older brother has worked there for 17 years and just this last year found himself in a drug rehab facility in Florida because he was addicted to Oxycoten. If you havent already guessed, his drug dealer worked at the mill. It is a very hard place to work, not just for the labor but for the impact it caused in his life, and health!! Be so thankful that you got out of there when you did Stef!

  6. Dear Stef and Sandi,

    You don’t know me but I saw your comment on my cousin Tyler Alfriend’s blog. My name is Debbie. Thank you for taking the time to read his blog and offer to pray for him.
    I have read some of your posts and saw the picture of your beautiful family. I know faith in God and prayer can bring miricles. I pray you and your family have many, many years of health and happiness together. Please know there will be prays for you coming from Virginia.

  7. This might sound confusing. The worst job I had was when I worked Child Protective Services in KY. Yet, I miss it. I was really good at what I did, but after I had Eric Tyler I couldn’t do it anymore. It is the one job that haunts me. Many days I think of kids I encountered and where are they now.

    On the light side, growing up on a farm I hated picking up potatoes. Now my worst job is unloading the dishwasher, and putting away laundry. I hate those two!!!

  8. Victoria’s Secret Catalog — Mailroom. Oh man. It was terrible! Let me tell you. . .opening the orders for all that lingerie, staring at all the beautiful pictures of scantily clad and sexy women, the huge tantalizing posters on the walls. . .whew! That was such a hard job! I don’t miss it at ALL! 🙂

  9. “Hosiery Girl” (panty hose salesclerk) in an upscale department store. Low commission, long hours on your feet, occasional dissatisfied customer whose pantyhose had run and who wanted (and usually got) a refund. But it was a job, and it paid the bills. And a connection there got me the job that got me out of there!

  10. I think Chris is winning with the worst job posted so far. Cleaning stables in AZ in the summer, yep that has to be the worst! Let’s just hope you have gotten the smell out by now, Chris!!!

  11. I wouldn’t mind cleaning up horse manure if that meant I was around horses and able to ride. I looove horses.

  12. I worked at Phar-mor in high school in the video department! All the videos were just piled up in the back and we had to just go and find them! What a pain!

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