Thirty-five days and counting…


So my close friend, Kirk Herbstreit, said last night on the BCS selection show, “The table has been set”. The Tressel dynasty continues. THE Ohio State University Buckeyes are back in the national championship game this year. I personally think that the BCS committee got it right. LSU deserves the shot and OSU definitely should be there. The problem with this game is two fold. First, LSU is basically playing a home game for the national championship. Second, OSU is 0-8 versus SEC teams in bowl games. Not a great record. After last year’s embarrassment, let’s see if OSU can get it done this year. This Buckeye fan knows they can.

Parting thought: Yes, 32 bowl games is about 20 too many in my book. Check out this site to see how ranked the match ups.


6 Responses

  1. Yeah 32 games is ridiculous! And I think 3 of them are all down here in New Orleans?!?! That’s 2 too many!
    The Super Dome is no Tiger Stadium but yeah it is in our backyard. Looks like your pulling for OSU. I hope you don’t mind coming in second when it’s all over and done with 🙂 Haha, seriously it should be a good game! May the best team win!

  2. I’m torn on who to root for here. I’m generally not one of those guys that roots for the Big Ten just because it’s the Big Ten. I mean, we’re talking about Ohio State here.

    But I’m sort of upset with that hot head named Les right now.


    I did think it would be cool to hook up with you and Aaron that day though!

  3. What team didn’t get a bowl game? With 32 bowl games way to many people are making money so it will never change. They will probably add a few more.

    Of course being that the grand state of Kentucky runs throught my blood I have to cheer for the SEC. The SEC has beat up on each other every week. By the way, did I mention that UK beat LSU. Oh and what was that team’s name ?…. oh…Florida. Did they win two national championshps last year?

    Just giving you a hard way to go. Ha! Ha!

  4. OK, everyone. How can anyone be torn about this game? An OSU win is the only option for this game. Second is purely out of the question. Just to let you all know.

  5. Well let me say as DAWG fan through and through, WE WERE ROBBED!! But as a fan of the SEC I will be pulling for LSU to kick some butt!!! Go Dawgs!!!!

  6. Hey I’ve got mad love for a team that can take us down in overtime! Poor OSU, even if LSU hadn’t made it into the championship I’d take an SEC team to win 🙂 Maybe it’d be them Dawgs 🙂 Sorry OSU fans it’s just not going to happen Hahahaha!

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